Monday, December 31, 2007

I lied...

Ok, I lied. I did get one picture in before the camera died. Sadly, you can't even see the tights.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

This was Colby's first Christmas... all in all I think that it went well. She mildly freaked out from the number of people and was a definite momma's girl for the two days. But, overall, she was a great kid and all told us how cute and wonderful she is. The dress was a hit and stockings really aren't as hard as I thought. Christmas Eve was my mom's side party at my parent's house. For that party, she embraced her Polish side and ate a whole piece of keilbasa. Christmas day she slept in and missed doing the Christmas stockings. Mason on the other hand was wide awake and in our room to I'm sure wish us a Merry Christmas at the lovely hour of 8am. He had a blast opening up gifts and immediately dug into each toy. From gifts with my immediate family, we left to my Aunt's house for my dad's side of the family's party. Tomorrow we will round out the Christmas parties with the in-law's.

In other news, Colby is walking more and more with a max of 6 steps at once; she seems to be slowly easing into this walking thing. She has also learned to climb stairs (first time today). Not so much how to get down, but she has up. Also, she is running a bit of fever and not too happy about napping. I'm hoping it's just her molars coming in. Of which one molar has broken thru and the other side seems soo close!

Mason has learned the fun of the hopper- his Christmas gift from Colby. Most of the afternoon was spent hopping from one end of the house to the other. (Toys like this make me feel less guilty about not making it outside as often as I'd like.) He is also doing a better and better job of drinking from a glass. He's known how for awhile, but recently we've started to encourage it. Today is really the first day that he has done it without complaining; the child prefers the sippy cup. Also, Mason received a couple of workbooks that he is doing really well with. He's really getting into learning to write letters and form words.

We also want to congratulate the Balcerski's on the arrival of their new little one not too long before 8am today. Check out his blog for the story and couple of pics!

Now for Christmas pics... I remembered the camera, but not the charger or extra battery that was plugged into the wall. So, no pictures. However, if there are any nice folks out there that can send us CD of Christmas (marnie & meg, mom & dad) I would VERY appreciative!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Double Take

Mason or Colby??

Sunday, December 16, 2007

10m Details

It's hard to believe that it's really been 10 months already! Colby continues to progress and grow. Her crawling is still odd. It's been said that she looks as though she has a broken leg. I kept thinking that as time passed she would progress to "normal" crawling, but alas, she has just gotten better at this crawl/scoot thing. She still however prefers to cruise furniture to get places which leads me to my next exciting news... She's walked! Not too much, but this past week she has done 3 steps in a row! Of course, nothing today. This is her norm. She likes to do things and then not do them again for a month. Silly kids apparently run in our genes. As far as food goes, she'll eat just about anything. She actually gets angry when you don't share the food on your plate with her. Also she can sign more, drink and I think eat. However the last is hard to tell for sure as her hands are always by her mouth lately. In fact, I think that she's teething again. There is a lot of munching on her fingers and her drooling level has increased. The most remarkable news, I actually bought her a dress for Christmas with tights! Though, I'm still not quite sure how this whole tight thing works with babies.

As always, Mason is doing well. He really enjoys all the Christmas stuff! We bought him an advent chocolate calendar; for some reason he's really good at knowing the date. =) Today he helped me wrap Christmas presents. His favorite thing, he got to play outside in the snow. So cute! And, as soon as we had the tree up he was bugging us to decorate it. The next step for him is to add some decorations to his room; I have some extra lights. In other news, he still loves school and is doing a really great job writing his name. Also he keeps trying to read, though so far, I think that it's just books that he's memorized.

For the rest of us... I've almost finished my Christmas shopping. Work is work. I have had some good calls on the ambulance and have gotten good assignments at UM. I feel continually behind in house stuff and sleep. I think that Kevin is ok, at least after a bottle of good wine. =)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long drives

For Thanksgiving it was off to Kentucky for a nice southern dinner. We left Weds, our first mistake. The traffic was horrible! We quickly learned why it's called the busiest traveling day of the year. The worst of it was in Cincinnati which we hit right around 5p. All in all the kids did really well. Mason was good and Colby didn't get real fussy till the last hour of the trip on the way there. The way back, she was angry every time we put her in her car seat (I think she remembered the way down). During the trip we learned that there is no such thing as a quick stop with two kids. One is constantly needing snacks and the other just likes to be silly.

16 hours of driving lent to 36hrs of southern fun. It was nice to hang out with family and as always the food was wonderful and worth the wait. Surprisingly the kids also slept really well. We were so afraid that Colby would be up all night or at least whenever we tried to sneak in, but alas, she slept all night both nights! Mason was a bit overtired as both nights were late nights for him, but he had a great time playing with Grandpa. A day later and everyone seems back into the groove of home life again. Though i think that both kids are getting sick (not sure that Colby ever fully got rid of her's). Being the smart folk that we are, we brought the camera, but forgot to take pics of the trip. So, enjoy the random pic!

Friday, November 9, 2007

In this corner...

Baby stats: Colby is 20lbs 3ozs (75%) and 28.5in long (90%!!) Our little 50%er is growing.

Monday, November 5, 2007

9 months and counting...

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 months already. Colby is doing well. She had a viral infection last week, but was well enough to make it out trick or treating. Not sure that she understood much about the event, but she did enjoy playing in the leaves and with the big pumpkin at Uncle Al's. Sleeping is going ok. Most nights she sleeps all night and most days she does two 1.5hr naps. She is sooo close to crawling!! She does this half scoot/half crawl thing right now and is very mobile cruising around furniture. At times, she just lets go and stands there for a few seconds Ultimately she's still not a big fan of being on her belly and I think that this hinders her crawling progress; she really prefers to be vertical. She has gotten better now that she can consistently move herself from her belly to a sitting position. From there she is always trying to find a grip to pull herself to a standing position. Favorite toys include trucks, play kitchen and of course her brother. Friday is her MD appt and we'll have stats for you then.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

New floors!

We have new floors!!! The first two days Kevin and Al spent working together and were able to finish the dining room and kitchen. Kevin then shortly thereafter finished the bathroom. (Yummy mold was found when we tore up the floor in there; hopefully all problems are now fixed.) Trim was done a few days later. Currently we are waiting on a stair mold piece and need to come up with a new option for the carpet transition. (We had few issues with Home Depot on these pieces.) Otherwise a little trim filler and painting and we're done! They look really nice. The floors definitely show all the dust, etc. I'm hoping though that once all the furniture and such is back in the room it won't be as obvious, or we'll just be better at ignoring it by then. Anyway, enjoy the before, during and after pics!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visitng MDs

We continue to grow and meet with lots of doctors this month. Mason had his well-child appt and the RN predicts that he will be 6'3". She was also quite upset that we don't plan to have any more children; "But you make such cute kids!!". Otherwise, Mason continues to be in the top 90% of everything and passed his eye/ear check with flying colors. The RN feels that he's smart enough that he could be in kindergarten and is amused that he doesn't seem to fit the "first born" personality type. He received two shots that they managed to lump into one. A few tears later, he left a happy kid for an afternoon with dad. (Colby and I hit the mall and for some reason the boys just weren't as interested in going.)

Colby got the pleasure of visiting the cardiologist. She was perfect! She even held still for EKG!! I was amazed. The EKG looked great and though her murmur is still audible, the MD feels that it sounds better/he can hear it less than last time. (Though how he can remember what it sounded like with the amount that he listens to...) In the end, she has an "innocent murmur" that she will probably grow out of and unless something concerning happens we don't have to worry about visiting him anymore. That was nice to hear.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Birthday and more

Mason's party seemed to be a success. He claims that he had a good time and in the end that is all that matters. We still have a lot of taco meat left; good thing that it freezes well. i managed to get rid of some food at a friend's party yesterday. If only someone would have taken the cake...

Today I picked up his present from my parents- a new bike. He was very excited, but not so good at it. I think that the bike is still a little big for him, but going a size smaller wouldn't have lasted long. It should be perfect next spring. For now, he's having a bit of a problem adjusting and we received our first skinned bike knee. Probably won't be the last either. Also, this is the first fall season that we haven't had to do a course of albuterol and steriods! yay!! Of course I feel like an idiot going to the the lung MD- 'no really doc, he's usually really bad this time of year.' It is good. I'm not sure if he's just growing out of it or if having one less allergen (the cats) has made just enough of a difference or if it's the constant use of zyrtec. Whatever it is, it's working. His cough is almost gone and there's less snot smeared across his face.

As for the baby... she's been really happy lately. Not that she wasn't before, just more so now. She wakes up in the AM and for naps talking instead of crying and there so much smiling and giggling. Maybe a teething break?? Whatever it is, I'm liking it! Especially the consistently sleeping 11-12hr at night thing. As for developmental things... she continues to pull herself up and want to be more mobile, but still screams whenever she ends up on her belly. Though this evening she slipped down to her hands and knees trying to grab a toy then pushed herself into a sitting position before grabbing on to my shirt and pulling herself up. I don't think that she realized that she did it though. It will all come with time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Good advice

1. It's always darkest before dawn, so if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.

2. Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.

3. Never test the depth of water with both feet.

4. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

5. Duct tape is like 'the force'. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.

6. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night

Somedays forwards can be funny! This one was from my grandmother. (There were more, but I thought these were the funnier ones.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bob the Builder

Today we bought wood floors to redo our kitchen and dining area. (Babies learning to eat and carpet do not go together!!) We debated holding a Bob the Builder themed party for Mason on the 6th- everyone dress like Bob and don't forget your tools!, but alas the floors won't be in for a couple of weeks. I'm really excited about the deal that we received! It made real wood floors affordable which should also help with resale down the road. The downside is we choose a dark wood which will show all the dust and we will have to find time and help to put them in. All applications for "Bob" can be emailed, commented or texted. =)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Party

Keep the date open... Saturday Oct 6th at 1pm, our house, birthday party for Mason. There is a home UM game that day, but they're playing EMU; a kid's b-day party will be much more exciting.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yeah... freaked me out, but SOO cool. Must look into this further...

Monday, September 17, 2007

life moves on...

I've meaning to update and put out some new cute pics for a bit now. I was going to write this really nice blog last week, but it was the day before Mason started school, so I thought I would update everyone with that... well, a week later, here we are.

As I stated, Mason started school last week. He seems to really be enjoying himself; he's a very social creature. His new school is Voyager and is just a mere two blocks or so away which is nice. The downside is that we liked how class was laid-out at the old school better. New school- class in middle of school, lockers in hall, pick up time right when lots of kids are walking halls to lunch. Old school- class right by door, cubbies in room, separate outdoor play area, no students running you over while trying to pick up kid. At any rate, kiddo is enjoying himself. I feel that people wonder where his mommy is as kevin has done all of the school stuff thus far. (Last week was a rough working week for me.) I'm sure they are all talking about me and how horrible of a mother I am. So, I will have to be sure that I shower in the AM, do my hair/make-up and look cute, but not too cute. =) Just kidding, though I do hope to make some mommy friends this year. It would be nice to know more people in this area.

Also, today Mason tried out karate. Not sure how I feel on that one. I mean, I think that it's good for him, he's VERY excited about it (any number of days have been deemed 'ninja days' this last month) and the teacher seems nice. It's just so pricey! They want $79/month for a once a week 30min class. Is this a lot?? It's been a long time since I've taken karate.

Colby is overall doing well. She's kind of up and down in a lot of things. If she naps well during the day, she gets up at night and vice versa. If you gave her cheerios and bananas all day, she'd be happy. Some days she likes solids, some days she screams at me or the bottle and other times she's happy doing a nice mix. Lately she's really enjoyed pulling herself up. She really seems to only be able to do it while holding on to a person. Also, she has now learned that when trying to move around while standing, it helps to move your feet. About a week and half ago she started saying 'ma ma' and 'da da'. Da da she's hasn't said with distinction, but ma ma she has, once. We were at my sister's house and she was really hungry and quite mad that kevin had decided to change her diaper before she was feed (it was the first AM change- she needed it). She turned her head, saw me and screamed "MA MA". This is however the only time she has done this. It will probably end up being like the rolling over thing- she did it once right around 4m and not since. We are up to 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom). Hmmm... not sure if there is much else new.

As for Kevin and I... Like I mentioned a bit earlier, last week was a busy work week for me- 5d in a row. I know most of you don't feel sympathetic, but I was/am part-time since the baby and have tried very hard not work more than 2d in a row (just to help maintain breast milk supply mostly) and to switch to 5d (8 and 12 hr shifts) was a big difference. I'm still very sleepy. As for Kevin, he's drywalled my sister's bathroom and taken a day here and there off work to hang out with family.

As for updated pics... we have a good 100 or so still on the digital camera waiting to be downlaoded. In the meantime, here are some random ones that I've picked out. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clean teeth

Tuesday afternoon I walked into Mason's room to tell him that he could get up from his quiet time. I had to walk back out again; it was great! Mason was lying down in bed with his left foot crossed on the right knee holding on to his toothpaste with his toes. He was brushing his teeth with a toothbrush in each hand.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Baby Stats

Miss Colby is up to 15# 15oz and 26.5". (At her last appt that is.) This puts her in the 50% for both. Of course, she's in the 78% for head circumference; gotta have a place for that massive brain of hers. Yesterday I was reading an article on how to tell if your child is gifted... Being her mom, I of course have no bias, but she does show some signs in that direction! As for other developments in her life... we have at least one more tooth and another that looks like it's ready to go at any time. She can grab cheerios with her thumb/forefinger (pincher grasp??) but can't seem to coordinate how to get them into her mouth. Then, we she does get them in, they end up mashed on the roof of her mouth. It's still good practice. Also, yesterday I learned the valuable lesson that when you give a baby zeiwbach toast, don't try to take it away and don't show the other food you have for her. This all leads to baby screaming because you tried to take away the toast, then giving toast back, leading to more screaming because baby wants to eat other food but can't figure out that she needs to move the toast out of the way to make room for other food. The joys of development.

I know that I don't talk as much about Mason; he doesn't change as quickly as the little one. I do have a cute story for you all. Yesterday for lunch, Mason claimed to be hungry and told me that he wanted a meatball sandwich. As I was breastfeeding Colby, I told him that I would get it when I was done. He seemed okay with this idea. After I put Colby down for her nap, I found Mason in the kitchen making his own lunch. He had gotten out and drained (by drinking it) the juice out of a fruit cup, had two (yes two) buns out and was attempting to open the meatball container. I was impressed. When I questioned him about the two buns... he said that was making me lunch too. Ahhhh!!! It was really sweet.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Prunes apparently taste better mixed with rice cereal. Let the pooping begin!!!

Oh and here are some pics that I promised...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Still around

Yes, we are still around. So many things over the last weeks... We'll start with the baby that is ever changing. Colby seems ok. We found out that her fussiness was due to an ear infection. The MD said that it didn't look bad, but she'd treat it anyway because of Colby's age. A day and a half of antibiotics and I had my old kid back again! It was great that she finally starting napping better and sleeping better at night. We've also started her on some solids. She's taken VERY well to them and we continue to introduce new foods. So far we have done green beans, peas, prunes and squash. She seems to like everything but the prunes. To be honest though, we only started the prunes to see if we could help her pooh a bit more; these solids seem to cork her up a bit. At Long Lake last week she did well and really enjoyed playing in the water. I was actually surprised at how well she slept while out there. (Aside from at night, every time we'd try to sneak in to go to bed ourselves it would wake her.) She has also started with some separation anxiety, which makes me feel loved but frustrated. Her 6m well baby appointment is on Friday, so I should have some updated stats for everyone then.

Mason finished swim lessons and played really well in the water at Long Lake. It was great to see him just head out and play. He still doesn't like to get his head wet or dunk under the water, but at least he was out there and playing around. Mason greatly enjoyed hanging out with his cousin. Caleb definitely wore him out! It was nice for Mason to have someone other than Colby to play with. Otherwise, Mason is currently on a PB&J kick asking for it at EVERY meal. I guess there could be worse things.

I had a great time relaxing at the cottage. We did a nice wine tour in the middle of the week and spent way too money on good wine. Anyone is welcome to come over and help us work our way thru it all. =) This week is a long week for me as I'm doing 4 days of work. On the schedule this didn't look all bad, but now Kevin has jury duty this week and it looks like we're going to have some kid-sitting issues later on. On a plus note, he did get to stay home from work today because of jury duty. Though with both of us home, we still can't seem to find the time clean the bathtubs.

Also, congrats to Kevin's brother Al who tied the knot last sat in a very nice ceremony at the compound. I'm actually quite surprised that Glynda still has some sanity left. We tried to help out some and take some of that yummy food off her hands and Al had some extra wine lying around... it was the least we could do. =)

Hopefully in the next post I'll have some pics for you all. (I'm not on the computer with them.) Also, I bought Colby's 6m cards today so all should have pics by the end of the month.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry that there's been a lull in posting, something wasn't talking to something else because it got fried in the storm. This left us with no internet for a few days as my computer geek has been busy with other things. I know, I know. You're all asking, "what could be more important than the internet connection??" This past week was Art Fair. Kevin really enjoys riding bikes and just thinks it's wonderful that HVA will pay him money to ride a bike around art fair. So, he worked 6 days last week and was held over about every day on the ambulance and worked double shifts on the bike. All in all, I had a tired computer geek. His one day off he spent working at his parent's house helping to get the house ready for Al's wedding. That evening after I worked, I found him sleeping in the hammock. (The last job his mom asked for that day was to hang the hammock, she never saw him again after that.)

Colby after her tooth broke slept fabulously for the next few nights sleeping almost 12 hrs every night. Slowly the last few nights she's started to get up again, though just once and only to eat before going right back down. Also, we have tooth number 2 (yesterday)! With the arrival of this second tooth I was hoping that we would again go back to sleeping 12 hr. Instead, she has turned into a grumpy baby. Naps, bedtime, and awake time have all turned into fussy time. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad. She has learned to sit! Colby can now sit for a full minute before she wobbles wrong and falls. And, last week, I heard her giggle. It was soo much fun to see her giggle so hard at her brother, which just encouraged him to keep up his silliness = more giggles. Ahhh... it was a cute 15min. If only I had grabbed the camera I could have had a short movie of it for all of you.

Mason started swim lessons yesterday. We decided that this was something that he really needed to get into. At the lake earlier in the month he had real problems with the water and didn't trust his life jacket. So, we're hoping that this will help. Yesterday went well. They had two instructors and 5 kids in the 3-4 age range. Mason was pretty much one-on-one for the first half as the instructor very patiently encouraged him into the water. Once he started to get more comfortable with it, he seemed to do well. By the end of the half hour, he was the last kid to leave the water. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks unfold and how he does by the end. Our trip to Long Lake is coming up and hopefully he'll be able to show off all of his new skills.

I'm doing ok. I went a little nuts at the beginning of last week as both kids were a little fussy and not sleeping well. Than to top it off we ran out of creamer for my coffee. So not a happy start to my week. Things have gotten better. I'm trying to fit in another day of work a week so I'm back up to three days a week as before. I did manage to get the entrance hallway painted and i think that it was my best cutting in job yet. The color is still growing on me a bit, but I think that I like it. I bought some pictures from Ikea yesterday to help jazz it up a bit. I will have to say that if anyone is looking to get a gift for me, I would like the Little Giant ladder. We borrowed one from a friend so I could paint on the stairway and the high parts at the bottom. It worked wonderfully! I can definitely see the benefits of having something like that around. Kevin used to have a big ladder, but we couldn't fit it on the car to bring it back down from the UP. This ladder just folds up so nicely and unfolds to be so tall. All in all, I'm not sure that Jeff will see his ladder again. =) Kevin warns that Jeff apparently has some of our tools that he can hold hostage. This could be interesting...

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Colby's first tooth has come in!! This morning I noticed the bottom right side was poking out. Yay! Hopefully the rest will come in smoothly and we can all get back to sleeping. =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Last week we all went to out to the Freeman cottage to hang out as a family (with Caleb too). The four of us don't get too much time off and without the house in the UP... well, the cottage it was! Tues night we all went out to the cottage and Colby did a fab night of 10hrs in a row! Of course from there, she slowly fought sleep more and more. Wednesday was the fourth and the day started with Scott, Laura, Hannah and Owen coming out to decorate the boat for the boat parade. As the day progressed almost the entire Freeman clan came out to visit and hang. We were able to get some of those leftovers eaten and the chocolate fountain was again a hit. I found this big inflatable soccer game that was a big hit and later, the ball also worked well for a game of dogeballish fun. Thurs Laura again came out with Hannah and Owen which is great as Kevin and I realized the best way to entertain kids is more kids! (Not our own, but others) Cousin Jenn was also in town and staying with us at the lake. We felt a little guilty as kids get up early and Jenn was still on CA time, so we bought dinner Thurs night at Zuckey Lake Tavern. Friday, Lindsey came out as well with another kid and we all had fun playing around all AM. Than, it was a lot of packing for the trip home. The week turned out really nice and ended on a good note of s'mores for all. I'll let the pictures tell how the boys thought of the week...

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Today was Colby's baptism. It went wonderfully! The baptism was at the END of the service and we almost didn't make it that long before she started getting fussy. (You can tell in the pictures.) However, Colby did well and was happy even when the pastor held her and "watered" her forehead. The party afterward was also great. Colby napped thru the first couple of hours, so thank-you Jeff for bringing the twins so people still had their baby fix. After her nap, she was very good baby and I believe made it around to visit with just about everyone. Our "Tea Party" lacked tea, but was definitely not lacking. The chocolate fountain and the bean dip were the biggest hits. So much food! Thank goodness there is a holiday in a couple of days and we'll have something to do with the leftovers.

I want to send a BIG thank-you to Glynda who made Colby's gown (out of my wedding dress) and threw a wonderful party. (I hear Clyde, April and Jenn helped as well.) Thank-you mom and dad as the cake was very pretty and very tasty. Also, thank-you everyone for all the wonderful gifts. I hope in my cards I remember everyone as the boys (Mason and Caleb) didn't always keep the cards with the gifts. =)

Here are a few pictures of the event!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Why do we bother...

Kinda makes you wonder why we bother with the toys

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Caught up

I just want to get everyone caught up on the kids and get their stats in...

Mason, 3. At his last MD appointment a few weeks back he was 52# and 43". This kid is in the 98% for everything! He's doing very well. Recently we have had WAY more dry mornings than wet and only occassionally forget to make it to the bathroom on time during the day. Usually if we miss, it's his way of telling us that we're spending too much time with Colby and not enough with him, a small regression. I still think that he needs a bit of a nap, but he feels otherwise. So instead we have "quiet time." I put the quotes around it because most days it's not so quiet and most days, I can't figure out what exactly he's doing in there. This is when I feel it would be handy to have the monitor with the TV. Our most recent challenges with him include door locking and taking things from our bedroom. There have been a few times lately that we gone into his room and found stuff like flashlights, cell phone and spare change in his bed. On a plus side, it does keep him busy for a bit so we can get more sleep! As for the door locking, we're taking all suggestions for discipline on that one. He is very interested in time/clock reading and attempting to spell words. He had a great time with preschool this last year and will continue at 3days a week this fall.

Colby 4.5m. At her last MD appt she was 13# 6ozs and 24.5" which puts her in the 50% percentile. I can't begin to tell you how weird it is to have a kid that actually fits into clothes at the time frame the clothes say. Mason was always at least a size greater than his age, she's right on. And, clothes fit her for months as opposed to one month. =) As I said in a previous post she is grabbing at things and putting them directly in her mouth. She also is very into her hands and putting them both into her mouth at one time. There is drool everywhere and recently, she has decided to start waking up in the middle of the night again. Our best guess is that she's teething. According to the MD, it's early... but,she has a nice size hump forming on her lower gums. Being a baby, she can't really tell us what is going on, so if it's not teething, we're left with a growth spurt, sick or about to hit a developmental milestone. Any way we look at, I just can't wait till she starts back up with those 10-12hr stretches again!

Kevin and I are the same. I won't get into our stats... we'll just say that the baby weight just isn't as cute on us. =) work is the same and we both are thinking and or pretending to pursue further degrees.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cute pic

Here we are doing tummy time while watching our big brother climb in and out of the playhouse and Mason playing in the house. Yes, that's an American Idol microphone. What the kid lacks for in taste, he makes up for in cuteness.


Apparently other people now know that I have this account, figured maybe I should post something else.

Hmmm... Colby is doing a really good job grabbing things and of course putting them directly in her mouth. I have a really cute tummy time pic, but that will have to wait till my resident computer geek shows me how to access it from the other account. And for Mason... he's the same. Today he noticed that when daddy cleans stuff up it goes in the trash. Or course this is a good two weeks after daddy cleaned up the playdough toys. The really cute part; when I told him that it went in the trash, he actually looked in the kitchen trash can for it. Two weeks for him to notice! I think this kid might have too many toys.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome and overdue

Hey everyone! Welcome to our family blog. For the last year I've greatly enjoyed reading our friend's blog and thought how great of an idea it was to share the wonderful moments in our lives. So, enjoy as we take our first steps in the blogging world.