Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bathroom renovation, Day 1

And here we have a very crappy "before" picture. I don't think that I've had enough to drink. (Coffee, alcohol... take your pick.)
After first layer of floor was peeled off. (insert start of weird urine smell here and maybe you'll want to get me that cup of coffee, or alcohol, or coffee with alcohol)
We found a lot of old water damage by the toliet and found that we would have to replace some of the flooring that hangs out above the sub-floor. So, we took off the rest of the linoleum and the corresponding tiles that were living under them. This also lead to an increase in the weird urine smell.
Also, if you look in the corner by the tub you'll notice an open area were we found A LOT of old walnuts stashed. At this point we looked into getting a new tub for the bathroom. However there was no way that we could have finished the project before we left for vaca.
Kevin also needed to open the wall and ceiling in order to re-run wire for the light/fan on the ceiling. We found the following layers on the wall in this order: wallpaper-drywall-tile-wallpaper-drywall. It's standard construction procedure to just go ahead and drywall over tile, right? At this point that we debated just drywalling over the whole bathroom and adding our own layer to the mix.
In the end, this is about how we left things. You can still see Kevin finishing up his drywalling. Tomorrow we will hopefully fix the floor and get rid of the odd urine smell, then put in the new floor and vanity, mirror. From there we need to finish the walls and put in trim. Then there's the adding an electrical box to the light over the mirror. (Electrical box are just for fun anyway, right?)