Monday, April 16, 2012

Long overdue

So... we got a puppy. He's up to about 40lbs now and yesterday actually did a complete loose leash walk! Otherwise, training is going and it's nice that he's mellowed out a bit with age. Though we don't need to watch him as much for the housebreaking, he has learned how and is tall enough to jump up on the counters. Yay. It's on the list to talk about with the trainer the next time we have class. The kids greatly enjoy having a dog around, I'm good with it and I believe that Kevin tolerates it. I do agree with people though that if we keep going the way we are, we will have a wonderful dog in 2 years. The picture that graces the top of the blog is him the day we got him.
This is him sleeping at the end of Feburary. As you can see, he probably wouldn't last long in the wild. =) He still sleeps like this.

As of today:

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