Friday, February 26, 2010

The top comes together

Here's the quilt top modeled by the play structure:

And, here it is again being modeled by Kevin.

I really think that he does a better job showing off the full effect. =) Though it may look pretty, I am far from done. I still have a back to put together and binding and quilting... I'm thinking a quilting party might be in order. Who's game?? There will of course be wine.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying my hand...

I've decided to try making a quilt. I picked the wonky 9 square style as I thought it would be the most forgiving of my inability to sew straight lines. =) I let Mason pick out the fabrics from some of his old baby blankets as well as some odd pieces of fabric I had lying around. (Of course some of it was from the leftovers from his baby quilt.) I cut my squares and got going. Below you'll see a teaser of the finished the squares, or at least what I thought was the finished squares. Turns out I need 3 sets of them. Oh well, back to sewing after dinner then.

As for potty training.... a little wet this AM, but dry so far this afternoon. And, she took a nap!! Not a bad day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dry all day!!

Yesterday Colby peed a little before telling us she was ready to sit on the potty. She went just enough to soak thru things but not run down her leg. By the end of the day it was barely soaking thru to the pants. Today though... dry all day!! She wore the same outfit all day. We did do a diaper for nap time which was when she decided to pooh. Progress! Yay progress!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday I gave Mason the next 3 (THREE) books in the new series that he's into. He read one right after school, finished the second one while I played volleyball and the third, he announced this AM at 0700 that he had just completed. Sadly, Borders was all out of the Roscoe Riley series so I'm bought him 6 other books in various series to try out. (Thank you Al and Lauren for the gift card!) I'm taking bets on how long you think those books will last him. =) Seriously though, I'm debating hiding half of them and bringing them out at a later date and try to spread things out so he doesn't get up at 0600 again to finish a book. I can't really get too mad at him for that. It's a quiet activity. Now, if I can just convince him to wait until I get up to tell me that he's done reading....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 4

Yesterday we saw what I'm going to call an improvement. I had started the day thinking we were done with this whole ordeal for now, but in the afternoon after "quiet time" Colby decided to put underwear on. She was dry ALL afternoon! We used books to keep her on the potty a bit longer and it seemed to work. She also fights less with the offer to read a book together. The torch has been passed to Kevin for the next few days. Good luck. =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3

Day 3... yes, well I was frustrated with "forcing" her to sit on the potty so yesterday I gave her the option and waited till she wanted to sit on the potty. She wanted to sit on the potty shortly after she started going in her underwear. I was hoping this would be helpful, but by the end of the day she still wanted to use the potty shortly after going. And, when she did go on the potty, she wouldn't completely empty her bladder so we were doing it all over again 15min later. Ahh... the joys. I did 2 loads of her laundry yesterday, the first one also containing the couch blanket and the second containing my jeans. Yes, she peed on me, or at least shortly before sitting on my lap. Needless to say, today I gave her the option of wearing underwear or not and she chose the diaper. I think that I will have to consult the magic internet to see what words of wisdom I can find. Also, anyone else have any ideas???

On a different note, Mason's new book finally came in from Amazon yesterday. He read it all last eve after school. He even grabbed it out during movie time. (It was just Free Willy, good movie, but not as kid engaging at that age.) Afterward, he asked when the next one was coming in. I think we might have to see if the library has this series as I'm not sure I can keep up with the kid. =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 2

I'm not sure if today was better or worse than yesterday... She likes wearing real underwear. She's still fights sitting on the potty when it's my idea. We had 3 accidents yesterday. And, we were out and about yesterday and NONE of the accidents were while we were out. She was dry for the Apple store in the AM and dry for a Target run in the early eve. So.... not sure where that puts me. We're trying again today and maybe I'll just sit back and wait till she tells me she wants to use the potty and just deal with cleaning things for a day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Potty Training Day 1

Day one is done. All in all, not bad. Colby started the day off in real underwear and then proceeded to fight me all day long when I would ask her to sit on the potty. We had one accident during lunch. She pooped in her diaper during naptime (which is sadly becoming the norm and leading to no naps). All afternoon she was dry. The final potty sitting time before bed she didn't fight as much. Progress?? I'm hoping. We'll try again tomorrow and maybe if there's too much fighting to sit on potty we'll defer for a couple of days. I'm SOOO ready to be done with diapers.

Colby's Birthday Party

The party was great as always. =) Colby had a lot of fun. Pancakes were yummy and the cake of course was decadent. I love friends and family!