Monday, April 26, 2010

Soccer starts

This year both kids are in soccer. I was at work for their first practice so alas, I am unable to tell you too much about how it went. BUT... we did steal pics from Dick and Glynda's camera. Let the season begin!!
The kids in their garb, ready to go:

Some action shots:

The goalie gene has been passed.

Memaw and Grandpa will be helping Kevin out on Saturdays to get the kids to and from games as it seems they are on different fields and less than an hour between start times. Thanks guys!!

This is just super cute. Everyone now, Awwww!

In other news. I have officially passed my NCLEX and have an interview in the ED on Wednesday. I'll let you all know how that goes. I have also applied in the SICU, TBIC and on 7C. In the very near future I will also put an application in at SJMH as they seem to have some good openings right now as well.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dresden Files

I just want to take a moment to let you all know how sad I still am that they canceled the show Dresden Files. This was, what I felt anyway, a wonderful program that so nicely filled the void of Charmed calling it quits. Yes, I know this program ended in 2007, but I just rewatched the series as I studied for the NCLEX (yeah, took that today. We'll see how that turns out later). So again, I am reminded that the show was wonderful and is still no longer on the air. I think those of you that were/are Firefly fans can understand how I feel. And for those of you that don't care and have no idea what I"m talking about... here are some cute random pics.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Art Day

Today was art museum day. The kids were ok with it all though I don't think it was totally their idea of great fun in DC. =) We started out at the Smithsonian Art Museum, had lunch at a McDonald's cart and then finished at the Museum of Modern Art. I find that I tend to prefer the modern art, though I don't understand how a bunch of yarn hanging from the ceiling to the floor constitutes art... but well, I guess it's a matter of perspective. Caleb also enjoys the modern art better, though he was very good about pointing out different things in the individual art pieces. I think that it's his art classes showing through. (Lindsey's money at work right there!)

Colby and her new BFF who I think she has wrapped around her little finger. She spent a lot time in Uncle Jon's arms instead of walking. =)

The kids at the start of the day on the steps to the Smithsonian Art Museum.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 2 (or 3)

Today Jon and I went for an AM run down Holmes Run. The run would have gone a bit better for me had we not ended with a hill. OUCH! I'm still feeling it. From there were headed into DC to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. The trees were wonderful looking, though I'm not so sure how much the kids got out of it. We also walked around a bunch and checked out both the Washington and Jefferson Memorials. Mason and Caleb picked out a souvenir at the Washington Memorial; Caleb got a bookmark of the memorial and Mason bought a National Geographic National Park book. As we (well, the adults anyway) were a little tired out, when then took the Metro back to the apartment and watched a movie before dinner. After dinner the kids pretty much put themselves to bed. =) I would love to show you pics of the day, but Jon left his SD card at the apartment and my camera is non-functional still. However, here are few pics of the kids and their sleeping arrangements! Uncle Jon was the preferred reader this eve.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DC trip Day 1

Well, I guess that it's technically day 2. Day one was spent driving. Overall the driving part of things went well up until the last 20m when Colby announced that she needed to potty right about the time that we had no good places to stop. A couple minutes later she then starting puking. Yeah... I was REALLY glad that Caleb had an Easter bucket. Upon arrival to U. Jon's she was fine, running around like normal. Or course, with her car seat destroyed we had to walk to dinner. This would not have been so bad if the restaurant hadn't sucked. Let's just say that we got our meal for free, that was how bad it was. The evening sleeping arrangements were interesting, but seemed to work.

Now, on to the topic I originally came to discuss... Today was great. The kids woke up and came out to find that the Easter bunny had indeed found them at U. Jon's house. They all really seemed to enjoy their baskets. Mason pretty much played with his new game thingy all day. A couple of AM basket pics for you....

After basket time we went to church. I would really like to post some pics of how cute the kids looked in their Easter outfits, but the battery died and then the kids took off their clothes shortly after arriving back to Jon's place so they could play tennis with U. Jon. (Ahhh... that short time of peace and quiet was nice. Thanks Jon!!!) Then there was dinner and quiet time, which yes, was actually quiet. There wasn't much sleeping, but it was quiet at least.

From there we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to the falls. I think that I'm getting old as all I could think about was how easily one could crack a head open if they fell. But, we all had a great time climbing and checking out the falls. There were even a couple of kayakers trying to go upstream; amazing to watch them go. By the end of our time there even Colby was climbing without help. The hardest part was trying to explain to the kids why they needed to stay behind the railings even though there were a lot of people on the other side. The "7 people a year drown" sign helped with my motivation! (See, like I said, I'm getting old.)

(The rocks were way more perilous than they look there, this is just the "slide" the kids found in one of the middle areas.)

So, most of those last pictures are from Jon. My camera started doing this, which is not soo good for capturing memories.