Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the brace comes off

kind of. The MD actually said that I should still wear it when I'm outside and it's slippery. Aside from that, he claims the knee is healing decently well and I can start to do more in therapy. (Currently I'm very good at walking slowly in a straight line. Lifting the leg over obstacles can be tricky and definitely don't ask me to do side motions quickly.) I also get the pleasure of being off work for another 6 weeks. yay? I still have some swelling and bruising to the area, but all in all, I'm amazed by how pretty it all looks and that the MD was able to do so much with such small holes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ready for the big game

I'd like to take a minute of silence as our TV died last night shortly before 8pm. (We'd like to think that it just couldn't do another episode of the O'Reilly Factor. =P) It was our first major purchase as a couple and as such holds much sentimental value. (Forget the fact that Kevin has been looking for ways to "accidentally" knock it off the console for months so he could justify buying a new HD, flat screen TV.) Alas, it was sadly replaced with a 40" LCD Samsung that came rated well by consumer's reports. Kevin bought the extra insurance and mentioned that it did NOT cover dropping the tv or things banging into the tv... seriously!! We are a family of young kids and klutzes!! This does us no good. =)

Kevin does claim that he's going to make the wires look prettier, maybe with some pink bows? Just a suggestion. It would keep them together nicely and add a little flare to the room.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update time

Colby continues to grow and insist that everything is hers; gotta love the 2's. She wants anything and everything, ESPECIALLY if Mason has it or if it is Mason's. She also jumped up a size though we'll see where we are in couple of weeks when she goes in for her 2yr well child. Potty training has been very hit or miss. For a few days she would ask to sit on the potty and a few times she actually went on the potty. Lately though she doesn't even want to sit on it when you bring it up. And, instead of at least telling us when she has pooped, she continually claims, "I'm good" even though you can smell it 3 rooms over. Though today while we were out and about she did ask to sit on the potty so maybe we're trying again?? Colby has also recently received a night light in her room so she can flip through books. Let me go back a bit here though... originally she wanted to take a book to bed but didn't have enough light in her room to read by so we'd turn one on, first the table light, tried the overhead, both with the same results: quiet reading following by screaming to turn the light off followed again by crying so she could read a bit more. Finally I found a wall flower light from Ikea and hung that up. The first few days were rough and reminiscent of the previous crying issues. She was staying up late and getting up early (which helped her nap better). Everyone told us that we needed to give it time, it was just an adjustment period... a few days later I switched out the light bulb for one with a lower wattage and less than half the size. Now she reads and sleeps much more like normal. =)

Mason continues to progress well in reading and writing. It's amazing that he's able to read us books now! A couple of weekends ago we set up a little art nook for him in his closet. The first day he used it as a wrapping station and wrapped us all up books from his room (and then he unwrapped them for us as well). It turned out really well. We completely repainted the room and added an outlet. The table has adjustable legs in the hopes that it'll grow with him. We also reorganized the closetmaid stuff a bit leading to better use of the space in general. Otherwise, Mason seems to have gotten taller and skinnier and hopefully I'll get him a fun class soon like swimming, karate or gymnastics.
As for Kevin and I (Sorry, no pictures here)... Kevin has decided that he is the angel of death and his partner at work is the candy man. Also, he's decided that he might learn to teach ACLS as there are people willing to pay him good money to help with classes. I'm not sure what this has to do with computer science, but if it makes him happy and brings in money... =) And me, according to the physical therapist I'm progressing well and have 118 degrees of bend in my knee. Of course, she also tells me that I will most likely need 12 weeks of recovery before being able to completely go back to work. We'll see what the MD tells me next Tuesday. I still have some swelling and bruising but I can make out my knee cap now! And, I can almost make a grocery run without issues. I'm still wearing the lovely brace when I'm out and about, but leave it off when tooling around the house. Stairs are still a bit of a challenge, but I get lots of practice around here. If having a bum knee isn't enough, I seem to have developed an exciting kidney infection. yay. It's like someone is telling to get my bum back on the couch.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mason's First Concert

Mason had his first kindergarten music concert. All in all it went well. After the concert we told Mason how well he did and he came back with,"I didn't sing". =) It was a cute concert, the kids were all adorable. The school originally set aside 2 hours for the thing... We're glad that it took only 20min. Mason was then real excited to show off his class room to his grandparents. His teacher told us that Mason loves to dance and is always the first one to "show off his moves."

Kudos if you can figure out which one is Mason.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Save the Date

Colby's birthday party will be Jan 31st around 1pm till the wine is gone. (2 year olds drink wine right?) If you know that you CAN make it, let us know so we can start planning food. As always, no presents needed, we just enjoy having some adult conversation and watching the kids run around together (without the wine glasses, that's a hazard and wine in sippy cups just isn't right).

Friday, January 2, 2009