Friday, January 23, 2009

Ready for the big game

I'd like to take a minute of silence as our TV died last night shortly before 8pm. (We'd like to think that it just couldn't do another episode of the O'Reilly Factor. =P) It was our first major purchase as a couple and as such holds much sentimental value. (Forget the fact that Kevin has been looking for ways to "accidentally" knock it off the console for months so he could justify buying a new HD, flat screen TV.) Alas, it was sadly replaced with a 40" LCD Samsung that came rated well by consumer's reports. Kevin bought the extra insurance and mentioned that it did NOT cover dropping the tv or things banging into the tv... seriously!! We are a family of young kids and klutzes!! This does us no good. =)

Kevin does claim that he's going to make the wires look prettier, maybe with some pink bows? Just a suggestion. It would keep them together nicely and add a little flare to the room.

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