Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bath time fun

Good pic for when the boy friends start coming over. It's always good to have some of these laying around.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Scott and Laura

I would like to say congratulations to Laura and Scott. Yes, I know that it's been almost a month now.... I haven't forgotten about you guys! Of course, no, the present still isn't on it's way; I believe that we have a year per Martha Stewart rules- and we all know that Martha is always right. For the rest of ya'll. The wedding was great, everyone said "I do", only one person passed out. Party was good fun and it was nice hanging out with all of Laura's family and meeting Scott's. I especially liked being able to put a face with the weblog of Laura's brother. (Cara is soo much better at this than I am!!) Colby looked adorable in the outfit I spent forever finding pieces for and you saw how cute Mason looked. Oh, and Kevin was of course very handsome- as always. =)