Monday, June 25, 2007

Why do we bother...

Kinda makes you wonder why we bother with the toys

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Caught up

I just want to get everyone caught up on the kids and get their stats in...

Mason, 3. At his last MD appointment a few weeks back he was 52# and 43". This kid is in the 98% for everything! He's doing very well. Recently we have had WAY more dry mornings than wet and only occassionally forget to make it to the bathroom on time during the day. Usually if we miss, it's his way of telling us that we're spending too much time with Colby and not enough with him, a small regression. I still think that he needs a bit of a nap, but he feels otherwise. So instead we have "quiet time." I put the quotes around it because most days it's not so quiet and most days, I can't figure out what exactly he's doing in there. This is when I feel it would be handy to have the monitor with the TV. Our most recent challenges with him include door locking and taking things from our bedroom. There have been a few times lately that we gone into his room and found stuff like flashlights, cell phone and spare change in his bed. On a plus side, it does keep him busy for a bit so we can get more sleep! As for the door locking, we're taking all suggestions for discipline on that one. He is very interested in time/clock reading and attempting to spell words. He had a great time with preschool this last year and will continue at 3days a week this fall.

Colby 4.5m. At her last MD appt she was 13# 6ozs and 24.5" which puts her in the 50% percentile. I can't begin to tell you how weird it is to have a kid that actually fits into clothes at the time frame the clothes say. Mason was always at least a size greater than his age, she's right on. And, clothes fit her for months as opposed to one month. =) As I said in a previous post she is grabbing at things and putting them directly in her mouth. She also is very into her hands and putting them both into her mouth at one time. There is drool everywhere and recently, she has decided to start waking up in the middle of the night again. Our best guess is that she's teething. According to the MD, it's early... but,she has a nice size hump forming on her lower gums. Being a baby, she can't really tell us what is going on, so if it's not teething, we're left with a growth spurt, sick or about to hit a developmental milestone. Any way we look at, I just can't wait till she starts back up with those 10-12hr stretches again!

Kevin and I are the same. I won't get into our stats... we'll just say that the baby weight just isn't as cute on us. =) work is the same and we both are thinking and or pretending to pursue further degrees.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cute pic

Here we are doing tummy time while watching our big brother climb in and out of the playhouse and Mason playing in the house. Yes, that's an American Idol microphone. What the kid lacks for in taste, he makes up for in cuteness.


Apparently other people now know that I have this account, figured maybe I should post something else.

Hmmm... Colby is doing a really good job grabbing things and of course putting them directly in her mouth. I have a really cute tummy time pic, but that will have to wait till my resident computer geek shows me how to access it from the other account. And for Mason... he's the same. Today he noticed that when daddy cleans stuff up it goes in the trash. Or course this is a good two weeks after daddy cleaned up the playdough toys. The really cute part; when I told him that it went in the trash, he actually looked in the kitchen trash can for it. Two weeks for him to notice! I think this kid might have too many toys.