Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tournament of kid geeks: RESULTS!!

Today is our first Science Olympiad.  Results and hopefully pics to follow.  Mason is doing Water Rockets!

Results:  HE WON FIRST PLACE!!!  Though the cute pics of him with his medal are on Glynda's camera.

Here's the winning rocket launch.  We were thinking that time continues until the rocket hits the ground but I guess the rules state more until the rocket stops moving toward the ground.  Either way, they had the best height and this launch gave them longest time as well.  Their first launch got great height but the parachute didn't deploy.  And then the second one got stuck in the tree.  Imagine what their time would have been had the wind gone the other way and down the hill...

The kids set up the rocket on the launcher and tell the guys what pressure setting they'd like.  Then the official people set the pressure and hit the launch button.  (Taking the job the kids like most!!!  But, it's all about safety nowadays.)  As of now, I'm not sure anyone has rescued the winning rocket.  (Oh and I also took video with our camera, but this one from Kevin's phone turned out better.)

Here's him at the awards ceremony:
 (Apparently I was a little excited... this was right after they announced them as first place, or right after they announced the second place and we all realized they had won first.)
And, Mason going back to his seat with his first place medal!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just like the orginal. Really... you'll never tell the difference

Fourth grade concert... just one of many