Saturday, March 19, 2011

New house?

So today we looked at a couple of houses. The kids really liked this one. It's a renovated school house on a weird shaped lot. The playhouse in the back has electrical, heating and even an AC unit. =) We also looked at one that was on a really cool lot, but the house was in need of A LOT of tlc. By A LOT we mean, needs to be completely gutted and redone. That sounds fun and all, but not for the price plus the cost of what needs to be put into. And well.... then there's the problem with not selling our place and having the money and such for a second house...... We apparently just like to taut ourselves.

So... does anyone want a condo in Howell?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This past month has been a little rough around here. So far Kevin is the only one of us that hasn't been on antibiotics. I had bronchitis for 6 weeks taking 2 courses of antibiotics to final "cure". Colby then was diagnosed with bilateral ear infections. And, Mason just finished up a course of amoxicilin for strep throat.

Now that everyone is starting to feel better we are looking again at projects around the house. Kevin (and a little of me) just finished a trundle bed for Mason's room. I (with help from some friends) painted the staircase going to bedroom level and am currently working on placing pictures in the stairway. The kids, well... they are the kids. Colby has MASSIVE abouts of energy lately. Mason has been a most wonderful kid, doing very well in school as well as being a wonderful brother. (For that, a Bone book magically appeared at the house.) Both kids are taking gymnastics and seem to be enjoying it. Colby more so than Mason, but I think that he likes it even if he won't come right out and say it. I have yet to have to drag him into getting ready or going.

That's the short of life around here. I'd put up some pics for you all but our computer is a little full and we haven't downloaded the camera in a while. And, well, I'm updating this from work and trust me... I work the urology floor, you don't want me to update with pics from here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lindsey's Birthday gift

Remember awhile ago I mentioned that I had a really cute pic of Colby modeling Lindsey's birthday gift... Well, Here you go!

And, yes, she is riding a unicorn.