Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry that there's been a lull in posting, something wasn't talking to something else because it got fried in the storm. This left us with no internet for a few days as my computer geek has been busy with other things. I know, I know. You're all asking, "what could be more important than the internet connection??" This past week was Art Fair. Kevin really enjoys riding bikes and just thinks it's wonderful that HVA will pay him money to ride a bike around art fair. So, he worked 6 days last week and was held over about every day on the ambulance and worked double shifts on the bike. All in all, I had a tired computer geek. His one day off he spent working at his parent's house helping to get the house ready for Al's wedding. That evening after I worked, I found him sleeping in the hammock. (The last job his mom asked for that day was to hang the hammock, she never saw him again after that.)

Colby after her tooth broke slept fabulously for the next few nights sleeping almost 12 hrs every night. Slowly the last few nights she's started to get up again, though just once and only to eat before going right back down. Also, we have tooth number 2 (yesterday)! With the arrival of this second tooth I was hoping that we would again go back to sleeping 12 hr. Instead, she has turned into a grumpy baby. Naps, bedtime, and awake time have all turned into fussy time. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad. She has learned to sit! Colby can now sit for a full minute before she wobbles wrong and falls. And, last week, I heard her giggle. It was soo much fun to see her giggle so hard at her brother, which just encouraged him to keep up his silliness = more giggles. Ahhh... it was a cute 15min. If only I had grabbed the camera I could have had a short movie of it for all of you.

Mason started swim lessons yesterday. We decided that this was something that he really needed to get into. At the lake earlier in the month he had real problems with the water and didn't trust his life jacket. So, we're hoping that this will help. Yesterday went well. They had two instructors and 5 kids in the 3-4 age range. Mason was pretty much one-on-one for the first half as the instructor very patiently encouraged him into the water. Once he started to get more comfortable with it, he seemed to do well. By the end of the half hour, he was the last kid to leave the water. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks unfold and how he does by the end. Our trip to Long Lake is coming up and hopefully he'll be able to show off all of his new skills.

I'm doing ok. I went a little nuts at the beginning of last week as both kids were a little fussy and not sleeping well. Than to top it off we ran out of creamer for my coffee. So not a happy start to my week. Things have gotten better. I'm trying to fit in another day of work a week so I'm back up to three days a week as before. I did manage to get the entrance hallway painted and i think that it was my best cutting in job yet. The color is still growing on me a bit, but I think that I like it. I bought some pictures from Ikea yesterday to help jazz it up a bit. I will have to say that if anyone is looking to get a gift for me, I would like the Little Giant ladder. We borrowed one from a friend so I could paint on the stairway and the high parts at the bottom. It worked wonderfully! I can definitely see the benefits of having something like that around. Kevin used to have a big ladder, but we couldn't fit it on the car to bring it back down from the UP. This ladder just folds up so nicely and unfolds to be so tall. All in all, I'm not sure that Jeff will see his ladder again. =) Kevin warns that Jeff apparently has some of our tools that he can hold hostage. This could be interesting...

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Colby's first tooth has come in!! This morning I noticed the bottom right side was poking out. Yay! Hopefully the rest will come in smoothly and we can all get back to sleeping. =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Last week we all went to out to the Freeman cottage to hang out as a family (with Caleb too). The four of us don't get too much time off and without the house in the UP... well, the cottage it was! Tues night we all went out to the cottage and Colby did a fab night of 10hrs in a row! Of course from there, she slowly fought sleep more and more. Wednesday was the fourth and the day started with Scott, Laura, Hannah and Owen coming out to decorate the boat for the boat parade. As the day progressed almost the entire Freeman clan came out to visit and hang. We were able to get some of those leftovers eaten and the chocolate fountain was again a hit. I found this big inflatable soccer game that was a big hit and later, the ball also worked well for a game of dogeballish fun. Thurs Laura again came out with Hannah and Owen which is great as Kevin and I realized the best way to entertain kids is more kids! (Not our own, but others) Cousin Jenn was also in town and staying with us at the lake. We felt a little guilty as kids get up early and Jenn was still on CA time, so we bought dinner Thurs night at Zuckey Lake Tavern. Friday, Lindsey came out as well with another kid and we all had fun playing around all AM. Than, it was a lot of packing for the trip home. The week turned out really nice and ended on a good note of s'mores for all. I'll let the pictures tell how the boys thought of the week...

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Today was Colby's baptism. It went wonderfully! The baptism was at the END of the service and we almost didn't make it that long before she started getting fussy. (You can tell in the pictures.) However, Colby did well and was happy even when the pastor held her and "watered" her forehead. The party afterward was also great. Colby napped thru the first couple of hours, so thank-you Jeff for bringing the twins so people still had their baby fix. After her nap, she was very good baby and I believe made it around to visit with just about everyone. Our "Tea Party" lacked tea, but was definitely not lacking. The chocolate fountain and the bean dip were the biggest hits. So much food! Thank goodness there is a holiday in a couple of days and we'll have something to do with the leftovers.

I want to send a BIG thank-you to Glynda who made Colby's gown (out of my wedding dress) and threw a wonderful party. (I hear Clyde, April and Jenn helped as well.) Thank-you mom and dad as the cake was very pretty and very tasty. Also, thank-you everyone for all the wonderful gifts. I hope in my cards I remember everyone as the boys (Mason and Caleb) didn't always keep the cards with the gifts. =)

Here are a few pictures of the event!