Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Last week we all went to out to the Freeman cottage to hang out as a family (with Caleb too). The four of us don't get too much time off and without the house in the UP... well, the cottage it was! Tues night we all went out to the cottage and Colby did a fab night of 10hrs in a row! Of course from there, she slowly fought sleep more and more. Wednesday was the fourth and the day started with Scott, Laura, Hannah and Owen coming out to decorate the boat for the boat parade. As the day progressed almost the entire Freeman clan came out to visit and hang. We were able to get some of those leftovers eaten and the chocolate fountain was again a hit. I found this big inflatable soccer game that was a big hit and later, the ball also worked well for a game of dogeballish fun. Thurs Laura again came out with Hannah and Owen which is great as Kevin and I realized the best way to entertain kids is more kids! (Not our own, but others) Cousin Jenn was also in town and staying with us at the lake. We felt a little guilty as kids get up early and Jenn was still on CA time, so we bought dinner Thurs night at Zuckey Lake Tavern. Friday, Lindsey came out as well with another kid and we all had fun playing around all AM. Than, it was a lot of packing for the trip home. The week turned out really nice and ended on a good note of s'mores for all. I'll let the pictures tell how the boys thought of the week...

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