Thursday, February 28, 2008


Mason can read!! Ok, so here's the story.... we're sitting at Chili's waiting for our food and Mason asks us, "why does that say forced to go?" (It really said "food to go".) How cool is that?!?!?! And, last Tuesday I signed him up for Kindergarten. He's growing up, no longer a baby or a toddler, but an honest to goodness kid. Of course, I don't know if I'm ready for him to be in all day every day kindergarten so we'll see what the lottery yeilds us on that one. And Challenger Elementary?? I thought we were in the Voyager area? (Challenger might 'technically' be closer, but Voyager is definitely easier to get to and he's already going there for pre-school.) Oh well, again, it's all a lottery system so we'll see what happens.

Also, many thanks to those of you that wished me a happy birthday today. Sorry I missed so many calls as I either forget my phone in the car, or didn't hear it while it was sitting in my pocket. I might be getting old.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As I sit here on the couch enjoying the fact that one kid is in school and the other is napping, I realize that I should really be productive in some way. I just refilled my coffee mug and the blanket is nice and warm. So... we're posting; at least I feel a little productive this way. Things are going well around here. Kevin and I don't have a day off together this week as I am trying to fit in all my HVA hours; it's not important to actually see your significant other is it? We are looking into redoing the office area, but it will be a very slow process as people want money for products/services. In a couple of weeks though I'll be back to full time which will help. Mason is back to school today after a short winter break and is 'star of the day'. I remembered his snack and stuff that starts with the letter "D", but forgot his winter gear and shoes. When can I stop using the "baby brain" excuse? He is VERY into writing words and practices a lot on his magna doodle. Last night he insisted on writing a book and reading it to us before bedtime. Colby is into climibing up things. I emphasize the up part as her new thing is climbing upstairs and then crying and yelling from the top until you help her down at which point she turns around and does it again. We keep trying to show her how to get down, but she keeps just yelling from the top. (When i say "top", I mean the little landing 3 steps up as we block off the rest of the stairs and recently the little landing as well-just got frustrating.) Her AM naps are still doing well and the PM naps are kind of hit or miss. Mason has also napped a couple of times in the last couple of weeks which is odd for him. However, it has been a busy time hanging out with his cousin and then the grandparents. Well, I will have to add more later as it is now time to pick up Mason from school and Colby is playing in bed. Time properly wasted. =)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh yeah, some pics

The first year

As I look back on Colby's first year I can't help but compare her to Mason. I think that it's a parent thing. You know you shouldn't compare, but you do. To start things off... Colby was much better at night sleep, Mason better at napping. Mason would eat anything and everything that you put in front of him, Colby has recently gotten picky. Mason didn't care if the cup had a nipple or a sippy spout and would drink gallons a day. Colby drinks out of the sippy, but only ounces. Colby has more hair and teeth than Mason did at her age. Mason took teething better; aside from massive amounts of drooling, we didn't even notice he was teething. Colby refused solids, had sleeping issues, ran fevers and became grumpy. Mason yeilded more smiles, but Colby is more of a snuggler. Mason crawled sooner, Colby walked sooner.

Speaking of walking... Colby is walking well and can even get up in the middle of the room. She squats to play with toys and pick stuff up. She also likes to just walk around with stuff. Of course with walking comes falls. Last week she did a header on the driveway. Just as that has cleared up, today she boinked her head on the table leaving an abrasion near her eye and a red mark on her nose. Later in the afternoon she again fell and left a red mark on her cheek and forehead. Mason had perpetual bruises to his shins, she seems to have them to her face. I'm thinking that a full face mask helmet thing might be in order.

She's doing almost all regular foods now. There's the occassional #2 food if a meal doesn't go over well. Today she ate yogurt well which makes me feel better. She only drinks around 4oz of milk a day and I worry about her getting all her nutrition as we wean off breastfeeding. She is also somewhere between one and two naps a day. She still needs two, but some days will only go down for one. Lately her AM nap has been really great; it makes me wonder if there was a special nap immunization at 12m. Also she has discovered the slide and LOVES it. I think that it started at the bounce zone party and than the little slide here in the "playroom" is also a hit. Ultimately her favorite toy is still her big brother. We are truely blessed that the kids play so well together and seem to really enjoy each other.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Birthday

It's getting late, but I felt that I needed to share at the very least some cute cake pics with everyone. The party went much better than anticipated as Colby had shots in the AM and a short afternoon nap. One pic is from the first cupcake and the second pic is after the second cupcake. Yes, we gave her two. It's her birthday! What better way to celebrate than cake for dinner??

She's such a neat eater