Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Well the summer is moving along. We've visited Jon and hung out there for a bit. It worked out way better that I thought I would. The puppy and the kids did wonderfully for the drive. We all enjoyed the extra space of Jon's new place. We visited the falls, the kids hung out at the ocean for the first time and the last day we visited the animals at the zoo.
Since then we've just really chilled at the house. the kids are learning how to manage the dog on their own for a bit in the AM so I can sleep in. There's been a bit of swimming, boating and a lot of chillin'.
The end of week marks the start of our Traverse City vacation. We will be camping at Interlochen for anyone who wants to visit with us!
Hopefully one of these days I'll have some actually updated pics of the summer for you all. I still have that "computer full" issue going on. If anyone would like to donate to the new computer fund, let me know!