Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obsessively Stitching: Tent Week

After looking at some of these, I'm in the mood to make a tent!

Obsessively Stitching: Tent Week

Monday, March 8, 2010


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking Good

Life on the home front is going well. Mason has found a website that allows him to build his own computer game and he's constantly asking to play. School is going well for him as far as we can get out of him. At least the papers he brings home from school all have stars and smiley faces on them. Though I just found out today that the folder he brings home every Friday night with a poem and a corresponding picture drawn by him on, is actually the "poem book" that he's supposed to be reading every week. It's not like the school year is over yet... only 3/4 of the way thru. Yeah, we're quick parents. =) He's reading up a storm and hopefully we'll get some more books from Lindsey. The series he just finished was Roscoe Riley and currently he's enjoying the "My Weird School" books, though we only have #1 so far. He keeps asking me when the next one is coming.

Colby is doing wonderfully with the potty training. She's been dry the last few days aside from one episode yesterday morning. And, today she asked to go the potty by herself and once even pooped! (It's amazing the things you think are awesome when you become a parent.) She's still wearing a diaper for naps and at nighttime as she doesn't seem to consistently or well, ever wake up dry and usually picks those times to poop. But, she's keeping Minnie dry all day! I guess the 'we're just going to start wearing underwear' thing worked.

As for my quilt project, I've placed the binding on one side and just need to hand stitch the other side. There are a couple of spots that I'll need to touch up but it's nice knowing that Mason enjoys it so far.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The downs of parenting

I know that ultimately it's a good thing that Mason has learned how to read and write, but some days....

I know that he was just upset with me and is just voicing that. But seriously kid, you hit your sister in the back of the head with a big plastic bat AND I witnessed the whole event. I can't just let that slide. Later in the day he erased it and told me that he likes me again.

In other news, I finished the back of the quilt yesterday and finished the quilting part of things today. Here's a view of the back after I'd finished the quilting. I attempted to make straight lines across the quilt as I thought it would look cool with the wonky squares, however my lines are not so straight. I'm going to pretend I meant to do that. =)

I'm thinking that if I had more patience and slowed down some I could be a fierce quilter. I just don't like having outstanding projects. I feel like they taunt me. =)