Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Starting last Wednesday, Mason is now on a soccer team. Together we went to the "store with the check mark on it" (Nike outlet) and picked out some shin guards, socks, cleats and a size 4 ball (if you buy them all you get a deal!). Then there was some of me telling him how much fun soccer is in the rain. (The concept of being able to really slide during a slide tackle was somewhat lost on him.) All in all, it seems to be going well so far. We've had a total of 3 practices and Mason seems to be enjoying himself. We did have to have a small talk about too much hugging of the coaches. Seriously, if hugging is my worst problem, I think we're doing pretty well. =)

A couple of action shots...

And of course, we can't leave out Colby who is very sad that only Mason is allowed to run out on the field to play. Not that she looks sad here, but trust me. It takes effort to keep her on the sidelines.

*Please note her new boots. She has yet to wear a different pair of "shoes" since they arrived.

For those of you that would like to see him in action, here is his game schedule:

Mon 5/4 at 6p
Weds 5/13 at 7p
Mon 5/18 at 7p
Mon 6/1 at 6p
Weds 6/10 at 7p
Weds 6/17 at 6p

All games are played at the Oceola Township Hall. They'll be the 5yr olds in the rusty orange. Let us know and we can tell you what field to meet us on. Also, the 7p games might really be at 7:15p as they've been having some parking issues. But, again, we'll let you know as they figure it all out.

Oh, and the mosquito bite... it actually wasn't cellulitis but apparently Skeeter Syndrome. Things are still in process of clearing up but it does look a ton better. Also, Colby got her first wasp sting today. I guess there is a nest in the downspout that she found when she put her hand up to check it out. She does not seem to have the same bug reactions that Mason does. =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bug bite

What size mosquito do you think did that?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bring on the rain!!

As I had to work the last two beautiful days, I spent all day today trying to pack in as much enjoy the weather time as possible. To start off our day, the kids and I packed a lunch and went to the Metropark (Free entry day!!) and enjoyed some hiking thru the nature trails finishing off our journey at the nature center. The kids loved it and did a wonderful job hiking. Colby has a fascination with bird watching and there was quite a few on our journey. We also had the opportunity to drive around the park and check stuff out for later. The water park alone will be worth the annual pass! As well as the nice bike run, swimming area, numerous playgrounds and of course continuing our nature hiking. After the nature center, we headed home for a quick nap and then off to McDonald's and the cottage to enjoy the lake. While at the lake, the kids tried to convince me that swimming was a good idea. Brrrrr!!! Instead we settled on canoeing. Colby got a cushion and sat in the middle and I gave Mason a paddle to well... apparently not paddle with, what was I thinking! =) All in all, it was a good trip. We canoed to Zuckey Lake and back before packing stuff up and heading towards home. To make our "summer" day complete, we stopped for ice cream on the way.

Being the wonderful well prepared mother that I am... I forgot the camera. =( So sad for all of us as there were some super cute moments. I'll see if I can't get Kevin to photoshop something up for ya'll between overtime shifts though. Because, I love you all that much. =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Where my sanity went, today anyways

This morning we did a Target run and found a cupcake kit on clearence. Upon arriving home, we of course HAD to try it out right away. So, the kids and I made cupcakes. Mason wanted to use the recipes that came in the book and Colby used some pre-fab cake and frosting. Managing two different cupcakers and keeping everyone from eating things before lunch and the mess that came along with it all... yeah, I might find my sanity during nap/quiet time.


Giant art jar.... $25
Paper.... $3
Glue... $1
Hours (literally hours) of fun for kids ages 2-99... Priceless

Sunday, April 5, 2009

sewing continues...

Colby modeling her new shirt:

And today I put the finishing touches on a wrap dress for myself. If I can find the proper bra to go with it I'll try to post some modeling pics. Otherwise... ya... you probably don't want to see that. =)