Sunday, April 4, 2010

DC trip Day 1

Well, I guess that it's technically day 2. Day one was spent driving. Overall the driving part of things went well up until the last 20m when Colby announced that she needed to potty right about the time that we had no good places to stop. A couple minutes later she then starting puking. Yeah... I was REALLY glad that Caleb had an Easter bucket. Upon arrival to U. Jon's she was fine, running around like normal. Or course, with her car seat destroyed we had to walk to dinner. This would not have been so bad if the restaurant hadn't sucked. Let's just say that we got our meal for free, that was how bad it was. The evening sleeping arrangements were interesting, but seemed to work.

Now, on to the topic I originally came to discuss... Today was great. The kids woke up and came out to find that the Easter bunny had indeed found them at U. Jon's house. They all really seemed to enjoy their baskets. Mason pretty much played with his new game thingy all day. A couple of AM basket pics for you....

After basket time we went to church. I would really like to post some pics of how cute the kids looked in their Easter outfits, but the battery died and then the kids took off their clothes shortly after arriving back to Jon's place so they could play tennis with U. Jon. (Ahhh... that short time of peace and quiet was nice. Thanks Jon!!!) Then there was dinner and quiet time, which yes, was actually quiet. There wasn't much sleeping, but it was quiet at least.

From there we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to the falls. I think that I'm getting old as all I could think about was how easily one could crack a head open if they fell. But, we all had a great time climbing and checking out the falls. There were even a couple of kayakers trying to go upstream; amazing to watch them go. By the end of our time there even Colby was climbing without help. The hardest part was trying to explain to the kids why they needed to stay behind the railings even though there were a lot of people on the other side. The "7 people a year drown" sign helped with my motivation! (See, like I said, I'm getting old.)

(The rocks were way more perilous than they look there, this is just the "slide" the kids found in one of the middle areas.)

So, most of those last pictures are from Jon. My camera started doing this, which is not soo good for capturing memories.

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