Monday, April 26, 2010

Soccer starts

This year both kids are in soccer. I was at work for their first practice so alas, I am unable to tell you too much about how it went. BUT... we did steal pics from Dick and Glynda's camera. Let the season begin!!
The kids in their garb, ready to go:

Some action shots:

The goalie gene has been passed.

Memaw and Grandpa will be helping Kevin out on Saturdays to get the kids to and from games as it seems they are on different fields and less than an hour between start times. Thanks guys!!

This is just super cute. Everyone now, Awwww!

In other news. I have officially passed my NCLEX and have an interview in the ED on Wednesday. I'll let you all know how that goes. I have also applied in the SICU, TBIC and on 7C. In the very near future I will also put an application in at SJMH as they seem to have some good openings right now as well.

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