Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well all it's been awhile since I've just done a general family update. I apologize for the lack of pictures to make up for the wordiness as our camera is still broken and we still have not replaced it. (It's only money right.) So, here we go!

Mason is still doing wonderful in school, or at least as far as we know. There haven't been any complaints so to speak. He's still loves to read, play on the computer and play video games. Most of those things he greatly prefers to do instead of heading outside to run around. Speaking of running around outside, he's playing soccer and doing as well as last year. Last month we got him a new bike as he outgrew last years; he still has yet to try his new bike out. Goal for summer: ride a bike. I cut his hair last week and trimmed things a little to short in the back and his colick area is sticking straight up. Oh well, in a couple of weeks it'll be the perfect haircut. =) Also, I've noticed that his tastes for vegetables has changed. Sadly there are a lot less that he "likes" now; I think we're down to green bean, peas and corn.

Colby is growing like a weed and I think is just going to skip over a size 3. Potty training ended up being a success. It's been a long time since we've had an accident during the day. She still does pull-ups at night; occassionaly she'll wake up dry, but not often. Currently we are letting her pick what she wears for nap time. Yesterday she actually napped and ended up getting woken up because she peed in bed. Most days though she doesn't nap anymore and is good about getting up to use the potty. Her computer skills are taking off. Unlike her brother, I find that she would rather go outside and play. She likes to "practice" soccer a lot and tells me that when she gets big she's going to play volleyball just like me. =) Cute, but I'm hoping that she plays a lot better than me and we can get a cushy full ride scholarship. I'm also thinking that she'll have this bike thing down before her brother.

As for me, I found out last Thursday that I did not get the RN job in UM's ED. Sadly I seem to have lost my interview skills. Even though I've worked in the department for the last 6yrs, they based their entire canidate picking on the interview. I have an appt to talk with the manager tomorrow to discuss things a little further. It's sad that the ED doesn't take care of their own and that instead of picking someone who has a clue, they are opting for 7 external people that they have no clue what kind of skills they have. Maybe they lied in the interview... Yeah, I'm still a little bitter. At any rate, I have a lot of applications in for places around the area and some emails out to people that I hope can help with job finding. I'm not sure what I'll do in the end. Ideally it would be nice to stay within the UM system as my seniority will carry over, but I'm not sure what other department as I don't really want to be a regular floor nurse. I also would like to go to Wayne State for a master's in medical sciences but that takes money and we're really trying to pay off stuff so we can get out from under our house. We'll see what happens in the end.

I'll have to let Kevin tell you about any excitement in his life. =)

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