Monday, September 17, 2007

life moves on...

I've meaning to update and put out some new cute pics for a bit now. I was going to write this really nice blog last week, but it was the day before Mason started school, so I thought I would update everyone with that... well, a week later, here we are.

As I stated, Mason started school last week. He seems to really be enjoying himself; he's a very social creature. His new school is Voyager and is just a mere two blocks or so away which is nice. The downside is that we liked how class was laid-out at the old school better. New school- class in middle of school, lockers in hall, pick up time right when lots of kids are walking halls to lunch. Old school- class right by door, cubbies in room, separate outdoor play area, no students running you over while trying to pick up kid. At any rate, kiddo is enjoying himself. I feel that people wonder where his mommy is as kevin has done all of the school stuff thus far. (Last week was a rough working week for me.) I'm sure they are all talking about me and how horrible of a mother I am. So, I will have to be sure that I shower in the AM, do my hair/make-up and look cute, but not too cute. =) Just kidding, though I do hope to make some mommy friends this year. It would be nice to know more people in this area.

Also, today Mason tried out karate. Not sure how I feel on that one. I mean, I think that it's good for him, he's VERY excited about it (any number of days have been deemed 'ninja days' this last month) and the teacher seems nice. It's just so pricey! They want $79/month for a once a week 30min class. Is this a lot?? It's been a long time since I've taken karate.

Colby is overall doing well. She's kind of up and down in a lot of things. If she naps well during the day, she gets up at night and vice versa. If you gave her cheerios and bananas all day, she'd be happy. Some days she likes solids, some days she screams at me or the bottle and other times she's happy doing a nice mix. Lately she's really enjoyed pulling herself up. She really seems to only be able to do it while holding on to a person. Also, she has now learned that when trying to move around while standing, it helps to move your feet. About a week and half ago she started saying 'ma ma' and 'da da'. Da da she's hasn't said with distinction, but ma ma she has, once. We were at my sister's house and she was really hungry and quite mad that kevin had decided to change her diaper before she was feed (it was the first AM change- she needed it). She turned her head, saw me and screamed "MA MA". This is however the only time she has done this. It will probably end up being like the rolling over thing- she did it once right around 4m and not since. We are up to 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom). Hmmm... not sure if there is much else new.

As for Kevin and I... Like I mentioned a bit earlier, last week was a busy work week for me- 5d in a row. I know most of you don't feel sympathetic, but I was/am part-time since the baby and have tried very hard not work more than 2d in a row (just to help maintain breast milk supply mostly) and to switch to 5d (8 and 12 hr shifts) was a big difference. I'm still very sleepy. As for Kevin, he's drywalled my sister's bathroom and taken a day here and there off work to hang out with family.

As for updated pics... we have a good 100 or so still on the digital camera waiting to be downlaoded. In the meantime, here are some random ones that I've picked out. Enjoy!

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