Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visitng MDs

We continue to grow and meet with lots of doctors this month. Mason had his well-child appt and the RN predicts that he will be 6'3". She was also quite upset that we don't plan to have any more children; "But you make such cute kids!!". Otherwise, Mason continues to be in the top 90% of everything and passed his eye/ear check with flying colors. The RN feels that he's smart enough that he could be in kindergarten and is amused that he doesn't seem to fit the "first born" personality type. He received two shots that they managed to lump into one. A few tears later, he left a happy kid for an afternoon with dad. (Colby and I hit the mall and for some reason the boys just weren't as interested in going.)

Colby got the pleasure of visiting the cardiologist. She was perfect! She even held still for EKG!! I was amazed. The EKG looked great and though her murmur is still audible, the MD feels that it sounds better/he can hear it less than last time. (Though how he can remember what it sounded like with the amount that he listens to...) In the end, she has an "innocent murmur" that she will probably grow out of and unless something concerning happens we don't have to worry about visiting him anymore. That was nice to hear.

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