Monday, October 8, 2007

Birthday and more

Mason's party seemed to be a success. He claims that he had a good time and in the end that is all that matters. We still have a lot of taco meat left; good thing that it freezes well. i managed to get rid of some food at a friend's party yesterday. If only someone would have taken the cake...

Today I picked up his present from my parents- a new bike. He was very excited, but not so good at it. I think that the bike is still a little big for him, but going a size smaller wouldn't have lasted long. It should be perfect next spring. For now, he's having a bit of a problem adjusting and we received our first skinned bike knee. Probably won't be the last either. Also, this is the first fall season that we haven't had to do a course of albuterol and steriods! yay!! Of course I feel like an idiot going to the the lung MD- 'no really doc, he's usually really bad this time of year.' It is good. I'm not sure if he's just growing out of it or if having one less allergen (the cats) has made just enough of a difference or if it's the constant use of zyrtec. Whatever it is, it's working. His cough is almost gone and there's less snot smeared across his face.

As for the baby... she's been really happy lately. Not that she wasn't before, just more so now. She wakes up in the AM and for naps talking instead of crying and there so much smiling and giggling. Maybe a teething break?? Whatever it is, I'm liking it! Especially the consistently sleeping 11-12hr at night thing. As for developmental things... she continues to pull herself up and want to be more mobile, but still screams whenever she ends up on her belly. Though this evening she slipped down to her hands and knees trying to grab a toy then pushed herself into a sitting position before grabbing on to my shirt and pulling herself up. I don't think that she realized that she did it though. It will all come with time.

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