Monday, August 13, 2007

Still around

Yes, we are still around. So many things over the last weeks... We'll start with the baby that is ever changing. Colby seems ok. We found out that her fussiness was due to an ear infection. The MD said that it didn't look bad, but she'd treat it anyway because of Colby's age. A day and a half of antibiotics and I had my old kid back again! It was great that she finally starting napping better and sleeping better at night. We've also started her on some solids. She's taken VERY well to them and we continue to introduce new foods. So far we have done green beans, peas, prunes and squash. She seems to like everything but the prunes. To be honest though, we only started the prunes to see if we could help her pooh a bit more; these solids seem to cork her up a bit. At Long Lake last week she did well and really enjoyed playing in the water. I was actually surprised at how well she slept while out there. (Aside from at night, every time we'd try to sneak in to go to bed ourselves it would wake her.) She has also started with some separation anxiety, which makes me feel loved but frustrated. Her 6m well baby appointment is on Friday, so I should have some updated stats for everyone then.

Mason finished swim lessons and played really well in the water at Long Lake. It was great to see him just head out and play. He still doesn't like to get his head wet or dunk under the water, but at least he was out there and playing around. Mason greatly enjoyed hanging out with his cousin. Caleb definitely wore him out! It was nice for Mason to have someone other than Colby to play with. Otherwise, Mason is currently on a PB&J kick asking for it at EVERY meal. I guess there could be worse things.

I had a great time relaxing at the cottage. We did a nice wine tour in the middle of the week and spent way too money on good wine. Anyone is welcome to come over and help us work our way thru it all. =) This week is a long week for me as I'm doing 4 days of work. On the schedule this didn't look all bad, but now Kevin has jury duty this week and it looks like we're going to have some kid-sitting issues later on. On a plus note, he did get to stay home from work today because of jury duty. Though with both of us home, we still can't seem to find the time clean the bathtubs.

Also, congrats to Kevin's brother Al who tied the knot last sat in a very nice ceremony at the compound. I'm actually quite surprised that Glynda still has some sanity left. We tried to help out some and take some of that yummy food off her hands and Al had some extra wine lying around... it was the least we could do. =)

Hopefully in the next post I'll have some pics for you all. (I'm not on the computer with them.) Also, I bought Colby's 6m cards today so all should have pics by the end of the month.

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kevin said...

prunes are working..... really well... yea?