Monday, August 27, 2007

Baby Stats

Miss Colby is up to 15# 15oz and 26.5". (At her last appt that is.) This puts her in the 50% for both. Of course, she's in the 78% for head circumference; gotta have a place for that massive brain of hers. Yesterday I was reading an article on how to tell if your child is gifted... Being her mom, I of course have no bias, but she does show some signs in that direction! As for other developments in her life... we have at least one more tooth and another that looks like it's ready to go at any time. She can grab cheerios with her thumb/forefinger (pincher grasp??) but can't seem to coordinate how to get them into her mouth. Then, we she does get them in, they end up mashed on the roof of her mouth. It's still good practice. Also, yesterday I learned the valuable lesson that when you give a baby zeiwbach toast, don't try to take it away and don't show the other food you have for her. This all leads to baby screaming because you tried to take away the toast, then giving toast back, leading to more screaming because baby wants to eat other food but can't figure out that she needs to move the toast out of the way to make room for other food. The joys of development.

I know that I don't talk as much about Mason; he doesn't change as quickly as the little one. I do have a cute story for you all. Yesterday for lunch, Mason claimed to be hungry and told me that he wanted a meatball sandwich. As I was breastfeeding Colby, I told him that I would get it when I was done. He seemed okay with this idea. After I put Colby down for her nap, I found Mason in the kitchen making his own lunch. He had gotten out and drained (by drinking it) the juice out of a fruit cup, had two (yes two) buns out and was attempting to open the meatball container. I was impressed. When I questioned him about the two buns... he said that was making me lunch too. Ahhhh!!! It was really sweet.

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