Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long drives

For Thanksgiving it was off to Kentucky for a nice southern dinner. We left Weds, our first mistake. The traffic was horrible! We quickly learned why it's called the busiest traveling day of the year. The worst of it was in Cincinnati which we hit right around 5p. All in all the kids did really well. Mason was good and Colby didn't get real fussy till the last hour of the trip on the way there. The way back, she was angry every time we put her in her car seat (I think she remembered the way down). During the trip we learned that there is no such thing as a quick stop with two kids. One is constantly needing snacks and the other just likes to be silly.

16 hours of driving lent to 36hrs of southern fun. It was nice to hang out with family and as always the food was wonderful and worth the wait. Surprisingly the kids also slept really well. We were so afraid that Colby would be up all night or at least whenever we tried to sneak in, but alas, she slept all night both nights! Mason was a bit overtired as both nights were late nights for him, but he had a great time playing with Grandpa. A day later and everyone seems back into the groove of home life again. Though i think that both kids are getting sick (not sure that Colby ever fully got rid of her's). Being the smart folk that we are, we brought the camera, but forgot to take pics of the trip. So, enjoy the random pic!


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Laura said...

I LOVE that picture! :) I missed you on Friday. We did pick out a dress though, I'll give you more details. Hopefully I'll be able to come visit and we can go together to the davids bridal over there.