Monday, November 5, 2007

9 months and counting...

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 months already. Colby is doing well. She had a viral infection last week, but was well enough to make it out trick or treating. Not sure that she understood much about the event, but she did enjoy playing in the leaves and with the big pumpkin at Uncle Al's. Sleeping is going ok. Most nights she sleeps all night and most days she does two 1.5hr naps. She is sooo close to crawling!! She does this half scoot/half crawl thing right now and is very mobile cruising around furniture. At times, she just lets go and stands there for a few seconds Ultimately she's still not a big fan of being on her belly and I think that this hinders her crawling progress; she really prefers to be vertical. She has gotten better now that she can consistently move herself from her belly to a sitting position. From there she is always trying to find a grip to pull herself to a standing position. Favorite toys include trucks, play kitchen and of course her brother. Friday is her MD appt and we'll have stats for you then.

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