Sunday, December 16, 2007

10m Details

It's hard to believe that it's really been 10 months already! Colby continues to progress and grow. Her crawling is still odd. It's been said that she looks as though she has a broken leg. I kept thinking that as time passed she would progress to "normal" crawling, but alas, she has just gotten better at this crawl/scoot thing. She still however prefers to cruise furniture to get places which leads me to my next exciting news... She's walked! Not too much, but this past week she has done 3 steps in a row! Of course, nothing today. This is her norm. She likes to do things and then not do them again for a month. Silly kids apparently run in our genes. As far as food goes, she'll eat just about anything. She actually gets angry when you don't share the food on your plate with her. Also she can sign more, drink and I think eat. However the last is hard to tell for sure as her hands are always by her mouth lately. In fact, I think that she's teething again. There is a lot of munching on her fingers and her drooling level has increased. The most remarkable news, I actually bought her a dress for Christmas with tights! Though, I'm still not quite sure how this whole tight thing works with babies.

As always, Mason is doing well. He really enjoys all the Christmas stuff! We bought him an advent chocolate calendar; for some reason he's really good at knowing the date. =) Today he helped me wrap Christmas presents. His favorite thing, he got to play outside in the snow. So cute! And, as soon as we had the tree up he was bugging us to decorate it. The next step for him is to add some decorations to his room; I have some extra lights. In other news, he still loves school and is doing a really great job writing his name. Also he keeps trying to read, though so far, I think that it's just books that he's memorized.

For the rest of us... I've almost finished my Christmas shopping. Work is work. I have had some good calls on the ambulance and have gotten good assignments at UM. I feel continually behind in house stuff and sleep. I think that Kevin is ok, at least after a bottle of good wine. =)

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