Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

This was Colby's first Christmas... all in all I think that it went well. She mildly freaked out from the number of people and was a definite momma's girl for the two days. But, overall, she was a great kid and all told us how cute and wonderful she is. The dress was a hit and stockings really aren't as hard as I thought. Christmas Eve was my mom's side party at my parent's house. For that party, she embraced her Polish side and ate a whole piece of keilbasa. Christmas day she slept in and missed doing the Christmas stockings. Mason on the other hand was wide awake and in our room to I'm sure wish us a Merry Christmas at the lovely hour of 8am. He had a blast opening up gifts and immediately dug into each toy. From gifts with my immediate family, we left to my Aunt's house for my dad's side of the family's party. Tomorrow we will round out the Christmas parties with the in-law's.

In other news, Colby is walking more and more with a max of 6 steps at once; she seems to be slowly easing into this walking thing. She has also learned to climb stairs (first time today). Not so much how to get down, but she has up. Also, she is running a bit of fever and not too happy about napping. I'm hoping it's just her molars coming in. Of which one molar has broken thru and the other side seems soo close!

Mason has learned the fun of the hopper- his Christmas gift from Colby. Most of the afternoon was spent hopping from one end of the house to the other. (Toys like this make me feel less guilty about not making it outside as often as I'd like.) He is also doing a better and better job of drinking from a glass. He's known how for awhile, but recently we've started to encourage it. Today is really the first day that he has done it without complaining; the child prefers the sippy cup. Also, Mason received a couple of workbooks that he is doing really well with. He's really getting into learning to write letters and form words.

We also want to congratulate the Balcerski's on the arrival of their new little one not too long before 8am today. Check out his blog for the story and couple of pics!

Now for Christmas pics... I remembered the camera, but not the charger or extra battery that was plugged into the wall. So, no pictures. However, if there are any nice folks out there that can send us CD of Christmas (marnie & meg, mom & dad) I would VERY appreciative!!

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