Sunday, July 11, 2010


This summer I've been playing sand volleyball. I put together a team and most weeks there are enough of us there to play. =) The kids also enjoying coming to watch and there's a couple on the team that has a kid right between their ages and they all have a blast playing together while we play volleyball. For next year, I think that I'm going to downgrade our team to a different bracket as we are getting our butts kicked on a weekly basis. However horribly we play, we still appear to be an inspiration to our children who put on their own game after our match one week.

I am also playing soccer which is a blast. They have me playing goalie which is great as that is the position I played way back when in high school. Slowly but surely things start to come back to me. =) I get bruised up often and have 'injured' my shoulder and forearm, but they were minor. It's all part of getting old and thinking that you can still play like a teenager. Sorry, no pics as I am the only one that goes to the games so far and it's difficult to coordinate a pic as I play.

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