Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taquamenon Falls

Day 2 of camping we went to Taquamenon Falls and hiked from the lower falls to the upper falls. This is a 4mile medium difficulty hike. BOTH kids did it and did it well! Kevin and I were sore afterwards, I can't imagine how Colby was with her shorter legs she must have taken 2-3 times more steps. It was beautiful out and a really nice hike. I am very proud of my kids for being able to hike so well. We were also very happy that we had invested in Camelback's for the kids. It was nice knowing that they had so easy access to water and that they were constantly sipping on such a warm day. Though the bugs weren't bad, I was glad that our camping neighbor lent us her bug spray. Colby also peed in the woods for the first time this trip. It was rough trying to get her to do it and it took 5 tries beforehand, but SUCCESS! And, well, some pee on the pants. It's hard to squat and not get your pants. Fortunently, Kevin and I came prepared for such things. =)

Here's a pic of the lower falls before we started out hike.

Colby and Kevin after the hike, you can see the upper falls in the background. Also, the pic from a previous post is a nicer one of the 2 of them at the same location.

This is the upper falls. So pretty! It's a beautiful area. The water is a orange/red color because of all tannins in it. Cool, but a little freaky at times when the sun catches it just right and it looks like there's blood floating in the water.

Well worth the work. We took the kids out for ice cream when were done.

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