Sunday, July 11, 2010


Over the fourth of July we went camping. Here's a pic of the tent all set up.

Yes, I realize that it's set up inside, but we wanted to be sure that we could set it up before we got to the camp site. We left Weds evening and headed up to Brimley State Park, arrived there around 2230 and had the tent set up and kids in bed by 2300. Sadly the kids were still awake at 0100. Ah the joys of sleeping in a tent. (Though the second night we were all in bed and asleep by 2130.) Our site was right next to the bathrooms which was nice because we could send the kids to the bathrooms by themselves and a little rough because the area around us was pretty busy and well lit in the evenings.

The first day we spent just hanging out around the campsite and checking stuff out around the state park. The kids found Lake Superior. I thought it was freaking cold, the kids came back to the tent site soaked.

They do look cute playing in the water and they had a ton of fun. My parents showed up with Linds and Caleb later that evening and we all hung out and did stuff the next couple of days. Those have a lot more pics and excitement, so I'll wait to post those on a different one. Kevin and I left the kids with my folks and headed back on Saturday so we could work the road together on the 4th. (Mucho dinero!) The kids went to Pictured Rocks that following day, see Jon's blog for some pics from that.

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