Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soo Locks

Day 3 we went to the Soo Locks. The concept behind them and how they work is so simple and brillant. It was really cool to see them work. The kids also thought they were pretty cool, but when it takes the big boats hours to get thru the locks, it doesn't do a great job keeping their attention. =)
Pic of the locks opening:

Small boat going through.

100ft boat on it's way in. The pic from a previous post was a little nicer. There were actually 2 of these boats looking to get through at the same time from different directions and they had to wait for the smaller boats to go through first. Needless to say, big boats cool, but SOO SLOW.

After watching a few boats go through the locks and learning some things at the museum we headed for lunch at a place across the street. The whitefish was very yummy!! Then, Kevin and I headed home for the day. See Jon's blog for what the kids did.


Jonathan said...

This is to check to see if you review your comments....

Did you want me to email you some of the your kids centric pictures that I took? I still have a bunch (read:100 or so) of pictures that I have that I didn't post.

Sara said...

that would be great... do you read the replies??

Sara said...

Hey jon. this is kevin not sara btw..

you can put photos in dropbox folder then send a link from which sara could download pics. i like it better than try to pack everthing into email attachments..