Monday, August 3, 2009

DC trip

This past week the kids, my mom and I headed out to the DC area to hang out with my brother. We all had a great time! The kids took some time figuring out how to fall alseep in the same room together. =) Colby insisted on bringing "baby" everywhere she went. And, both kids did wonderfully on the 9-10hr car rides.
The first day we had headed out to Ikea to buy some stuff to decorate Uncle Jon's apartment. The ride home was quite interesting; I'm not sure that we could have fit more things in the cr-v. =)

Kitchen updates

Art over the couch

New corner light. I wish this had been there the night before as I finished my book. =)

New tv stand

And to help decorate Uncle Jon's apartment, the kids pitched in and made some art decor for the dining room.

To start out day of sight-seeing, we took the metro into DC. The kids thought it was great! They both found it amusing that we rode backwards and everytime we were in a tunnel portion, they claimed they could see worms through the window. =)

After a brief walk through the scuplture park, we arrived at the air and space museum. The kids seemed to enjoy checking stuff out.... I on the other hand, was too concerned about losing a kid that I'm afraid I missed out on most of the info learning part of things. (Kevin and I were thinking of heading out there the two of us so we could get a good look at things.) Some air and space pics...

And these are some pics of us visiting the natural history museum. Colby was a little short for most of the hands on things but all in the all, the kids seemed to enjoy everything. We'll have to head back at some point as we only saw about half of the place. It was huge!!!

kids peeking through part of the fossil exhibit.

Kids lying in front of the 3-d chemistry picture

Uncle Jon taking a turn helping Colby to play with one of the info computers.

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Laura said...

Looks like fun! Sorry I missed your call the other night. Have fun not working for the next 2 weeks!