Sunday, August 23, 2009

Climbing the dune

We spent one day of the TC vaca climbing the dunes. Kevin and Mason took off with a strong start and beat Colby and I up the dune by quite a bit. Colby complained the whole way up and the way down and kept asking to be carried, but she made it all by herself. In the end, she tells me that she really like it. I don't know how Mason did as he was way ahead of us with Kevin, but I'm pretty sure that Kevin didn't carry him either. =) Colby and I just did the first dune while Kevin and Mason did the next one as well. If you want to see a pic of Kevin and Mason at the top, you'll have to join facebook and befriend my sister. =)
The kids playing in the sand. This, I believe was Colby's favorite part of the climb.

The kids and I up atop the first big dune

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