Monday, August 24, 2009

Life steps

Today Colby hit a couple of milestones. First of all, we switched her to a twin bed. She did fab with it! I think she made the transition better than I did (in my head of course as I don't want to predispose her to thinking it was bad). The switch ended up being a little more exciting to set up than I had originally thought. The twin bed being longer than the crib didn't fit in the same space and I ended up having to completely rearrange her room. (Pics to follow, the space still has a lot of holes in the wall from rearranging wall things and needs some touch-ups.) All in all, she took a good nap in it and went to bed wonderfully this evening. The only thing I didn't put on it was the headboard as I'm hoping to do some work to it first. =)

Colby's second milestone... today she got her first haircut! I again don't have pics because I was the one that cut her hair and Kevin wasn't home yet and Mason was in the shower getting the hair off his neck from his cut. It was a bit spur of the moment as she insisted on it after Mason was done with his. Her hair looks very similar to what it did before, but combs so much better! I hope both of their haircuts look good as we have our yearly pics on Weds.

And for the last milestone of the day... Mason has 2 adult teeth that are coming in, one that is in and one that is just poking thru. The problem is that the baby teeth are still there. One is loose, the other still holding tight. We'll stop by the dentist on Thurs hopefully to make sure that things are progressing well and that he's not going to have issues and need assistance.

Tomorrow we're on our way to GR to hang/play with Laura's new baby, help my parent's pack a bit (yes they sold their house and are moving) and get our yearly family pics done, this year at the beach! (Oh, and I think that my sister has a small honey-do list for Kevin as well.)

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