Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Genva

Well to get the ball rolling on what's been going on the last couple of weeks, we'll start with this:

Mason spend a week at Camp Geneva, a camp that I went to as a kid and even my dad went to as a kid. =) It was just a day camp kind of thing and we opted for the bus ride in for him from one of the local churches (highly recommend). Now before you get all angry that I let a 5 y/o take a bus trip from Grandville to Holland, please note that this was a huge charter bus that had nice plush seats. The last day he had a nice little program and the song "Pharoh, Pharoh" was the most memorable with Colby singing it for days afterward. Caleb spent the week hanging out with him which I think really helped him get into things and it was nice having Caleb around to "show him the ropes". In the end, it sounds like Mason had a ton of fun at camp. He claims capture the ball was his favorite part of things but they also had carnival day and a super cool pool area. Though, it sounds like they didn't get the chance to swim in Lake Michigan because it was so cold and the waves were a bit high. All in all, we look forward to doing this again next year. =)

While Mason was at camp, Kevin picked up massive amounts of OT on the bike team hanging out at the A2 art fair. And, Colby and I hung out at my parents house. We did some shopping, some cleaning, some playing outside and some hanging with great-grandparents. I found a new book series and in the last couple of weeks have read all 9 books within that series AND even managed to finish one of my online classes. (So, I finished the last book that I had and the next one wasn't in from Amazon yet.) We also spent the weekend before Geneva camping out at Sand Lake which went very well aside from getting kids to actually fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time. The kids have both talked about how they want to do that again. Since camp, Kevin hurt his knee, kids have spent a couple of days at home and currently the kids, me and my mom are all in the DC area visiting my brother, but more on that later.

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