Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movie day

Sunday morning Colby slept in till 11:30a!! Those of you with child experience know that this means one thing. Sure enough, she woke with a fever. Nasal drainage has changed color and her temp peaked last night at 104. Mason has a really nice chunky cough and is acting a little grumpier than norm. In light of children and that it's in the 30's again today and my knee is sore from playing soccer with the kids yesterday (yes, Colby was out playing soccer yesterday, she dribbles quite well), today has been deemed movie day. There might also be some light toy cleaning as well. (I know, we lead exciting lives.)

Update: According the MD's office, Mason has a cough (duh, that's why we brought him in!) and Colby has an ear infection. Mason has a script for meds if we think he needs it and Colby started her's this eve.

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