Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let the work begin!

Well my follow up appt with the MD has me back at work for 8hr shifts and he states that it's PT's fault that my hamstring sucks. Pt states, "if he hadn't been in there messing with it!" Ahhh... feel the love. However, I've completed two weeks now at work and I'm still alive! I even remembered my locker combo after the 4th try. My leg is sore afterward, but not soo much that a little (ok a lot) motrin and icing can't handle. One of these days I'll have to find an ambulance crew to see if I can lift the stretcher so I can get back to working the road.

In other news, both kids have a bug, Mason a cough, Colby the constantly running nose. Hmmm... life isn't all that exciting now that I'm thinking about it. Well, maybe something cute will happen that I can get a good pic or something for all of you.

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