Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long one with lotsa pics!

I'd like to thank Laura for coming over and making me a birthday dinner of fried rice and wontons. I especially enjoyed watching the kids make wontons. They loved it soo much that they showed grandma how to make them a couple days later!

I continue to sew. Here are Kevin's and Colby's PJ bottoms. Mason also has a pair, I just don't seem to have a picture of him in his. Oh, and I made a second pillow.

The kids received some rain boots yesterday and we decided to try them out today. Both kids had a great time running back and forth thru the puddle. Mason had a little water just above his boots. Colby, who played in it much longer than Mason, was drenched to the point of dripping water from her legs.

For dinner, I made potato leek soup. To help get the kids more interested in it I placed out some fixings to go on top, bacon, cheese and chives. Here's their creations. Of course after picking off some cheese and bacon, they both decided they were done.

In Sara news, the MD has approved for me to go back to work on a limited schedule but a big fat no to the ambulance stuff. This means that I start work on thurs!! I'm a little freaked out as it's been 4 months since I've been there last. I don't think that I even remember my locker combo! On the way out to the car Mon AM I slipped on the stairs. While trying to protect my knee, I apparently took it out on my toe.

For those of you cringing a little, it looks worse than it feels. Oh and for those of you that prefer more excitement, I also have a movie of my toe as I didn't realize the camera was set on video.

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Laura said...

Tomorrow already! Are you going back full time? I love the PJ pants!