Monday, March 9, 2009

Be careful

when you go to humor a child.... Mason attempted to grow a bean plant at school which lead to him wanting to plant every seed that he found. So, during this time he wanted to plant one of his pear seeds. We humored him and planted it in a plastic cup that we had left over from a party. Of course we were sure to warn him that it might not grow. The next week or so a little shoot starting to emerge. The leaves looked a little sickly often, but still the plant continued to grow and sickly leaves were replaced by sickly looking leaves. This last transplant I thought for sure it was going to be a goner. Much to our surprise, the sickly leaves fell off and were replaced with pretty green leaves and continue to grow more pretty green leaves. The bean plant from school... that one wasn't so lucky.

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Laura said...

So you'll be eating pears right about the time Mason moves away to college! :)