Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving forward

Well life is moving along. We have a new Macbook, though I have not yet taken the time to learn the new iPhoto program. I assume that like most Mac products it is user friendly and it should be easy once I get going. That being said, no pictures yet.

On other fronts, my leg is doing much better. Apparently the MD was right when he said that all I needed was a little rest. My quads are almost normal, my range of motion is 10 degrees off from the other leg, my hamstring.... well, let's just say it's a touchy muscle that isn't pulling it's weight. I tried running after the kids around the driveway today and it just feels all weird. (I use the term "running" very lightly.) My bike trainer is fab and even Mason enjoys using it. I just can't wait until my bike shorts come in... =)

Kids are kids. Mason has misplaced his favorite hat. Colby is still a two year old. They just came back from a fun weekend with the grandparents and Mason is on winter break for a couple of days. Aside from a touch of flu, that about sums up life around here. And for those of you that are concerned, the tub is still holding water... for now.

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