Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can sew!

Let me go back a bit... There's this blog that I read mostly because she's so good at updating and well, her daughter is adorable. Anyway, she made a really cute pillow and I asked if she'd teach me and she said yes! So, last Friday I went into GR to learn how to sew. (Yes, I have a hubby that knows how and yes he has attempted to teach me numerous times. But, why would I want him to know I can sew?? Then he might expect me to actually sew. =) And, if I went with him teaching me to sew, then I don't get out of the house and I don't get to hang with the girls.) Colby and I headed out and met Cara, her daughter and Laura and we had a little sewing party. I made a very adorable Scooby-Doo drawstring bag that Cara promised showed me all the basics for what I would need to know. Then she sent me home with most of the pattern for the gumdrop pillow. (Sorry no pic of the bag, I forgot to grab one. Kevin is on the new Mac and I don't want to interupt his "Dr. Horrible" episode again.)

Today I decided to get working on the pillow. While I cut out the side pieces, I had Kevin work on the top aplique piece that Cara was unable to locate. I had the measurements from her pillow to help guide the way. Here is Kevin working on making an octagon for me. (You know your hubby's a geek if....)

And here is the near perfect octagon (it's off by a tenth of a milimeter)

Keivn then pulled out his snazzy sewing machine for me and had to retell me how the thing worked. (His had more buttons than Cara's and wasn't numbered with where the thread goes.) I went to work! It took me all afternoon and part of the evening to finish it, but in the end, I'm REALLY impressed with my pillow. I used the wrong type of pen to mark the fabric so there are faint outlines still visible and Kevin helped to finish the slipstiching for me. (I did most of it! I just needed help learning.) Here's the final product!

And this is the bottom. Note how prettily the seams come together... ahh... the other side didn't look as pretty, but that gets covered, so no one can tell. Not bad for my second sewing product since home-ec!

When it comes down to it, this is what happens when I become a stay at home mom. =)


Laura said...

Love the pillow! I haven't attempted anything past rectangles yet, but I will! :)

Sara said...

You can come over and we can have a sewing party here! I was thinking of making some legging for Colby as I can't find what I want for a good price anywhere