Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thanksgiving day started with a little sleeping in as both kids had gone to bed late the previous night. (Doesn't always lead to sleeping in, but man are we excited when we get those extra 20 minutes!) Then it was a late breakfast followed by much cooking. Kevin made some wonderful chipotle sweet potatoes and the kids (and I) made two apple pear pies. Then lunch and naps. Too bad only one person actually napped. Thanksgiving dinner at the Freeman's was to start around 2 or 3, so around 5 we sat down to eat. It was a wonderful spread of turkey, ham and all things casseroled. Not to be the only ones eating the wonderful food, we dropped some off at the hospital for Jeff and Marie. Then, another late night for the kids, and another sleeping in AM. (Odd) Back to Ann Arbor for breakfast and window hanging. Then a brief visit home and off to Grand Rapids. The thought was that at least Colby would nap on the way there as it was already past her nap time. Yeah... no such luck. The next day was dinner with my family. Also very yummy. After dinner the kids ran around a bit outside, Colby took a late nap and dinner and off we left for home. Another late night for the kids, but they both had such a wonderful time playing with Caleb! They were all just constantly playing and running around together. It was kind of nice, they all just played and didn't require much adult interaction; well, aside from the occasional loud noise investigation.

On the way home, Mason slept.

And again Colby was wide awake the whole trip.

It didn't take long for the kids to adjust back to schedules. Thankfully they are still both sleeping in a bit. (Doesn't work as well on school days as we found out this AM.) Mason's first day back to school was a little rough as we forgot to put some shoes in his bag and he had to wear socks all day, which in turn lead to him having to sit out for gym class. Kevin also had an interesting day at work and lost a small fight with the ambulance door.

(Some of the identifying features have been carefully cut out in order to protect Kevin's HIPPA rights.)

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Scott said...

Ow. Looks like a fun day at work! ;)