Friday, December 19, 2008


I made it thru alive and well. I don't have pictures of my "new" knee to show off as of yet. I'd like to keep the bandages on for a bit. My surgeon was running a couple of hours behind so things started late and then I didn't get out of the hospital till after 7p. I think because of the lateness, I felt kind of rushed out of there (or they gave me the option of spending the night). I was nauseous for quite some time. However, I seemed to have waken in good spirits today and am currently enjoying my coffee WITH creamer. Mmmmm.... so much better. I have a brace to wear when I'm walking around that goes pretty much the entire length of my leg. The most soreness I have is in the hamstring area where they stole part of my tendon. Otherwise, nothing my perocet can't handle. =)

For all those that want to visit, I have pictures that I can show off that the surgeon sent home with us. I'd post them, but that's more than I can manage from the couch.

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