Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Party #1

Today was Christmas party #1 with my side of the family at our place. Colby looked adorable in her new sweater.

Mason sported his "justice nipples". (Yeah, I don't know either.)

My sister won for best use of a new gift.

It turned out to be a lovely party with close family and PLENTY of gifts for everyone. Kevin put together our new rug this evening. Colby loved her new baby with stroller accessory. My knee was not happy with hosting a party. I do have updated knee pics though...

On a plus, I do think the size of the knee really makes my calf look smaller.
For comparison:


Laura said...

Yay, I love the sweater on Colby! :) And your knee looks fabulous. Are you getting around ok?

Sara said...

Not as well as I was before the party. =) Did too much. However, Lindsey brought over Charmed. yay!