Saturday, February 18, 2012

One new wall

To make it easier to update some electrical across the house and add some other wires we decided that this wall would be the easiest to demolish and pull wire through. I stripped some of the wallpaper beforehand just to see what was under there. This I believe is pic after that. This is the wall that is the dining room on one side and family room on the other. It is also what we believe to be one of the original, original walls.

The inside of a 100+ year wall. Just an FYI: plaster is very dusty.

New wiring, a little drywall and some primer.

Add some magnetic paint, a little blue and a few whiteboard wall sticky things...

We've since added a couple of other things, but not much. Later today we'll redo the floors in that room and then maybe put the trim back on this wall.

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