Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Floor

The kinda before picture. I had already started tearing stuff up.

It was nice to finally figure out what the crunching noise was when I walked on the carpet. Under the carpet were linoleum tiles that I'm told have been there at least since my father-in-law was kid. About 90% of them just came right out without much effort. Under that was a lot dust and some tar paper. According to the internet, it's a pain in the @!# to get tar paper off so we left it. (And we all know that the internet never lies.)

Kevin and Al worked on the floor for about 8hrs on Saturday. The first course took almost 3 hours. This is just some cheap stuff but it makes a TON of difference compared to the carpet that was there. In exchange for Al helping with the floors, Kevin went over and spent 30mins helping him install 2 cabinets. I totally think we got the better end of the deal.


SOOOOO much nicer!

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Kevin said...

Lookin good!!