Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mason's Closet

Mason asked for a work space in his closet. Given that he doesn't really hang clothes and there was a sale on Elfa closet stuff... I decided to give it a go!
The infamous "Cowboy wallpaper" up close. I guess it's a Freeman thing. This wallpaper has been on the wall since Tom Freeman was a little boy living in the house. I was unable to salvage a decent sample.

After stripping the wallpaper.

Mason helped to paint the walls. I also found paint on just about every other surface in there as well on the ottoman in the family room.

Of course after painting I noticed the the electrical was screwy so decided to open up the back wall. The kids got to help with that as well. They quite enjoyed taking a hammer to the drywall but then, who wouldn't?!?!
Yay, the crazy electric. After the wall was opened it was noted that the light did not actually go through the wall but through the ceiling and then twisted down into the wall. And, yes that is knob and tube lighting.

Ta-Dah!! Finally put all together

And with all the stuff in it.

Of course now there's more stuff in it and it's hard to see where the closet is...

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