Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life continues

I can usually tell how long it's been since I've posted a family update as it is usually the same as when the camera was downloaded last. Top of the park was the beginning of things on this last download and here a couple of cute pics from Superhero Night.

Also in the last twoish weeks I've finished doing my nursing classes and am awaiting my clinical weekend. Kevin is picking up mass amounts of overtime. And, the kids continue to be just as cute as ever. =)

This past Monday was the start of swimming lessons for both kids and coincidentally for me as well. Because an adult needs to hang with Colby, I don't know how well Mason is doing, but he keeps telling me that he's having fun. Colby is really loving it! She can navigate the side wall wonderfully and loves to throw her toy and then "swim" towards it. I personally am freaked out to do the whole dunk her under part that is supposed to be coming this next week. She seems a bit old for the blow on her face trick and she refuses to hold her breath. The laughing from fun makes it hard to just dunk her a bit as her mouth is wide open.

Monday night was Mason's final soccer game, rescheduled from the previous weds as the fields were too wet. Mason played well. He definitely started getting into things more than he did at the beginning at the season. I think his confidence increased and he became more comfortable in his skills as things progressed. At any rate, it was wonderful to watch him get into the game.

Tuesday we deemed a lake day and headed out to the Freeman cottage to hang out for the day. After 15m of canoeing, the kids decided they were done and wanted to go back to cottage. The following 45m was all about telling mommy how much we wanted to go back to the cottage, which direction I should be heading to get back to the cottage and whether or not I was actually pointing the boat in the right direction to get back to the cottage. =) After canoeing we played in the water along the shore; it was like bathwater! The water felt great and Colby had a blast splashing around. Mason enjoyed it for bit before heading into the cottage for another snack. (I'm pretty sure we have a growth spurt coming on that one.) After swimming and cleaning things up we headed home for dinner and to roast marshmallows over the grill.
(I swear the tank top wasn't that big when I put it on in the AM)

Today we went to Grandville for Laura's baby shower. It was a grand time, well, it was after Colby received some motrin. (Before that she was a bit warm, flushed, grumpy and unsoothable.) Food was good, cake was yummy (the only part of lunch that Colby ate) and the company was wonderful. Laura is nearing 8m along and looks fab! And though I'm not a minivan person, her new wheels do look very nice.
On the way home from the baby shower we arrived home just in time to see the balloon launch. Here's a pic from the car.

And this is the view from our porch. There are some good things about our townhome.

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